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Friday, February 20


So just because I have nothing better to do, I have taken on more adventures in my life by taking classes at Bergen Community College for Wedding Planning and Coordination. Now the original game plan was to add skill sets to my current career of corporate meeting planning and networking within a more specialized field. Well since I made that decision, I also started helping 2 friends plan their weddings this year (both in October 2009). So I am actually putting this knowledge to good use and using them as "homework".

It is actually very similar to what I already do and quite redundant in many ways. But there are a lot of details that we have on our corporate scope of services (floral arrangements, invitations, etc) that, in theory, we can all do but have never been challenged by a client to do. Now, with this lovely 4 month crash course under way and having the owners of both an invitation shop and floral shop in the class as well as a dozen budding planners and field trips out to bridal shows and a very skilled and seasoned instructor, not only will I have an understanding of budgeting these things, but I will have local connections. I am totally not regretting this decision at all!

And heaven forbid should something happen with the economy and there be a reason for me to need something more specific to fall back on, I will have a certificate and a path for more personal planning in my pocket. Keep your fingers crossed that the economy stays strong, because with my dual weddings right now, they are definitely a complicated challenge. And they take away from precious knitting time. But for dear friends, I would sacrifice even that whole-heartedly. Maybe not for strangers.


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