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Friday, July 11

Done with Dot!

Last night and this morning, I finished the last of the knitting on the Dat tank. Now all that is left is the weaving in of the ends (and there are plenty) and the sewing of buttons. Due to my button bonanza earlier in the year, I have the perfect buttons for this project without ever leaving home. That makes me very happy. My main goal is to wear the tank tomorrow on my adventure to the Bronx Zoo. I hope I won't be mistaken for a giraffe or a leapard with all of my spots.

You may ask, "Well, Marney, since you are running through projects like they are water, what are you going to do next?" Well, I still have the yarn for the halter that I found at the Rowan site. Also, I have that aran sweater that is not knitting itself. I really should get to work on that before the weather starts getting cold again. There is also the The Harry Potter Scarves that I want to make for my nieces for the holidays. Between all of the information on Ivete's page and the pattern generator on the girl from auntie site, I should have a pretty good idea of how to navigate these scarves.

Let's see, what else do I have to share. Not much over here. I guess that means I have to get to work, then. Have a great weekend, everyone.


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