The World According to Marney

Wednesday, July 30

It's a Tank

Last night I finished the front of the stripey tank and wove in ALL of the ends. It even fits! I still need to put the edging on. I started out crocheting the edge, but I didn't like it. The crocheted edge wouldn't totally cover the knit edge and there was a hint of the original color on the outside. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. It could also be that I was doing it late last night andwasn't thinking too clearly. I may try an i-cord edge for this tank.

Oh, I would have a picture, but for some reason, many of my pictures with my new camera come out a bit blurry. I think I am not used to pushing the button down so hard and my arm shakes a bit. There must be some finger strengthening exorcises out there somewhere....



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