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Friday, July 18

I have good news and bad news

Which would you like first? Good News? Bad News?

Guess who is currently wearing a freshly made halter? That's right, I finished the weaving last night at about 1:30 AM. I would have been done earlier, but I made a pitstop after the theatre last night. Of course, my camera is not here yet, so once again, I am pictureless.

In other good news, I taught one of the ushers at Lost Highway to knit. She is a quick study. Her stitches are very even and at a good tension. I am very impressed. She had been eyeing my projects as I would work diligently during the show.

You asked for it, I have some bad news.
First of all, I still haven't received by ebay Noro Kureyon. It's been 2 weeks and there is no sight of it. I am going to get to e-mailing today about it. Must have wool!!!

In even more horrible news, I picked up my aran sweater this morning to bring as my "if I have any time to knit" project only to find out that there is a hole in it. Not a dropped stitch, not a "design feature." It's a hole eaten by something that hates me.

So I need to get same feedback from you. This piece is currently 12 inches long, a bit further than 1/2 way. The hole is at the edge of the ribbing and the stitch pattern. Do I
  • a) try to weave in the one or two stitches that are damaged?

  • b) tear out everything dowe to the beginning and try again?

  • c) drop down that cable and rework it alone?

  • d) put a big old patch on it?

  • e) cry like a baby?

  • f) something I haven't thought of already?

Right now I am leaning toward option e.


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