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Friday, July 25

Deadbeat Sister

So, I forgot to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to my little sister, Amy, yesterday. Sadly, I wasn't able to give her a call, nor will I be able to call her until possibly the end of the weekend.

Amy's the one sleeping in this picture. Well, this isn't the most recent picture of her, but it's what I have. For more old pictures of my family (subtle hint, Mom...), here are some cute pictures of my nieces, Amy and Wade's lovely daughters...

Hailee - following in my footsteps. LOOK OUT!

Sydnee - gorgeous even missing a couple of teeth

Kelsee - adorable but feisty

So these are the kids I get to see when I go back home for a visit. It's a rough life, but I think I'm up for the job.

This concludes my brief family pictoral. Maybe next time, I will have some more current pictures (more hints, Mom...).


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