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Monday, August 28

Knitting Update

I think I have been neglecting my knitting progress in my latest posts. Unfortunately, I have no pictures right now, but I'm working on it.

Current projects:

1. Blanket for my newest cousin. It is completely knitted, but i want to put on a fabric back to protect small fingers from the embroidery that I put on it.

2. Pillow as a house warming present for a friend of mine who has just moved into her new apartment. This will also have some help from other needle arts. I was inspired by Subversive Cross Stitch. I am almost finished with the knitted part. I have some cross stitch supplies en route right now.

3. This is the most exciting project of all. After seeing this article, I knew that I had to knit with corn. That's right, 100% corn made into yarn. So, when my shipment came in, I shared with everyone. Strangely enough, each person that I told about it did the exact same thing: smelled the yarn. No, it doesn't smell like corn. To be honest, I'm not sure what part of the corn it's made from. I would think probably not the kernals. But in knitting with it, it is pretty soft and sturdy. It's in a thin tape form, but doesn't stay flat when knitted. This one is just starting, so i'll give updates as I progress.

There are a couple of other projects on needles here and there, but nothing worth chatting about.


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