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Tuesday, April 1

After a month of waiting, my order finally made it to me. This was a rather arduous journey including having the first shipment lost by the post office, the second shipment returned to sender by Airborne Express without notifying me of the delivery attempts and then finally receiving it at my office. (The only reason I didn't start there was because I was going to be traveling when it was supposed to arrive and I would be home before I was at the office.)

Nonetheless, I am now the proud owner of 8 hanks of Cascade 220 in Garnet Heather for a cheesy love sweater. I have decided to not go with the hearts and just stick with the general style. Because I am a total junkie, I had to start it last night. That's right CO 444 stitches for each side!!! Well, that is just for the ruffle at the bottom. This should be a fun one.

I am officially going to S-n-B tonight. I haven't been back there since early January thanks to all of the extra hours I have been putting in for work. I hope to be able to get back to the routine of going every week again, now that my project is on hold.

Last night, I went to see The 24 Hour Plays. 10PM Sunday night, 30 actors, writers and directors got together for some initial idea sharing. Writers started writing at midnight when everyone else went home. Directors came back at 7AM to read the plays that were written, actors came in at 9AM to start rehearsals. Doors to the theatre opened at 7:45 PM Monday and the show was over by 10PM. So, I ended up seeing 6 brand new one-acts that ranged from the potentially profound and intriquing to the absurd and harried. All in all, a pretty good night of theatre.


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