The World According to Marney

Thursday, March 15

Actually heard on the air today...

Tomorrow, there's a chance of 3-5 inches of snow. Right now it's 61 degrees.

Friday, March 9

Heading Back West

I know I have been very lax in posting lately. With all of the problems with George, having to put him down (more about that later), hearing about my Grandmother being rushed to the hospital (I'm happy to say that she is doing much better) and lots of work to do, I haven't really had much time for reflecting on what's going on with me or anything. I shouldn't say I haven't had time, but I haven't been motivated to do so.

In any case, I do have news for those of you one the west coast. Peter and I are going to be out west the last week of this month. Since he hasn't really experienced the PNW (except his VERY short stop on the way back from Japan), we have decided to explore and visit family in one trip. We will be flying into Seattle where we'll stay for a couple of days, rent a car and drive up to Vancouver BC for a couple of days, drive back to Seattle and take a train down to the 'Couve to spend a few days there. Then we're back by the time his Spring Break is over.

We are in the process of working out the details right now, but it looks like Seattle will be March 24-25 (Saturday and Sunday), Vacouver, BC will be March 26-27 (Monday an Tuesday), March 28 will be a travel day from Vancouver to Vancouver with a stop in Seattle. The remainder of the trip (March 29-31) will be in the 'Couve and a red eye on Saturday night. And then Sunday will be the day of recovery from Time Change and Red Eye.

More to come soon.