The World According to Marney

Thursday, June 16

Richard Cheese

This evening, I managed to expand my merchandising career by helping out a friend of a friend. In an attempt to find someone to sell CDs and stuff at their show, I was conneccted with Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. It wasn't a particularly difficult gig, but it was fun. I didn't get to SEE the show, but I heard it all (and I got to knit a few rows of my latest project while the fans were listening and not buying). And we can't forget the drunken attempts to hit on me which kept me on my toes.

If you aren't familiar with Dick and the gang, they sing popular music in lounge form. Very funny and clever stuff!

Well, apparently they liked me since they invited me to eat with them after the show. Okay, so it's 2:45 AM on a school night and I am just getting home. But I got to relive some of my misspent youth by hanging out with the band. Nothing like being the cool kid once again.

Now I have to go to sleep, since I have to work in the morning - ooooh, that will be fun!

Tuesday, June 7

For the past week or so, I have been fighting a nasty cold or flu or something just as miserable. But, to those that are within earshot, you will be happy to know that my voice is almost back to normal and I will be shrieking at my normal levels very soon.

In the mean time, I managed to finish my tank/shrug twin set. (Pictures to come soon) I am now working on a tank from the Kidsilk Haze I got for renewing my Rowan subscription. So much for the frilly scarf pattern that they sent along with it. Not really in the mood for a scarf, now that we have hit 90 degree weather out here.

That's right, the summer is attacking us full force. It's not even summer yet. But the humidity and the heat is here for the long haul.