The World According to Marney

Tuesday, December 19

Move is over

I made my big move this past weekend. And now I know why I didn't move for the past 1 years! What a pain!

I think the hardest part was getting the kitties to the new place and settled. Those poor cats have not been in a car in about a decade - when they were each kittens. They don't leave the apartment much at all. So to be crammed in a carrier and taken in a car to a strange place, it must be the scariest thing in the world. Not to mention, I only have 2 carriers, so Koshka had to go in a duffle bag.

Peter (the best boyfriend in the world) rented a Zip Car so we could take a few things and the kitties to the new place before the move. I had one carrier and the duffle on the floor by my feet and another carrier on my lap. Once we started, I felt bad for Koshka and tried to open the duffle a little. Well, he jumped right out and I couldn't get him back in. So he spent the entire scary ride in my arms watching the world pass by very quickly. At one point he tucked his little head in the crook of my arm to hide. Well it wasn't hard to get him back into the duffle for the transfer to the apartment.

The move itself went very well. The movers were great - especially with all of those stairs. I love the new apartment. As soon as I get out of all of my boxes, I'm going to see about having a few people over. Oh, and let me tell you, I am SOOOO enjoying the washer, dryer and dishwasher. They have been run a few times already.

I'm still working on the remains/cleaning of the old place which should be done this week. Maybe sometime soon, I will finally be ready for the holidays. That has been the absolute last thing on my mind lately. But the back to back three day weekends will be totally relished.

Thursday, December 7

New Job

Thank you all for the phone calls and emails about the pending and realized changes in Marney's World. It's nice to have people out there with congratulations when I am up to my eyeballs in chaos.

The new job is going well. I have made it through the first few days. Though it's a bit of a slow time right now, there are a few projects that may be taking over my time in the very near future.

I am also adapting to a commute for the first time. I am not used to having to take anything more than the subway at most to get to work. But sometimes, we all have to make sacrifices to do the right thing. So, I have been taking a train out to Montclair, NJ and catching a ride with Mary Jo to the office - then she would take me back to the train to go home. All in all, about an hour including getting to/from the train station in NYC. Yesterday, I took the bus home from the office. Since it stops right in front of the building, you would think that this reverse commute wouldn't be so bad. Well, 2 hours later, when I was getting home, I was really rethinking that plan. Nothing like holiday traffic to make a bus ride even worse.

I just made the arrangements for my move next weekend. I now have a little over a week to get cleaned/packed up for this adventure. I decided that with 2 different walk-ups, I didn't want to do any of the heavy lifting, nor try to get any of my friends involved in that. So, the date of the move is the 17th. I'll pick up the keys on th 15th or so, take a day or so to scope out the layout and go for it. I think I may take the kitties up there the night before, just so they won't be underfoot with all of the move. Plus, I can put them in a room in the new place so they are out of the way.

Well, I should get back to work.