The World According to Marney

Friday, November 26

Post Thanksgiving Coma

After a long weekend in Paris and a few days of working/showing off my town to visitors and a Thanksgiving full of excitement, I have found it hard to make it out of bed today. It's already 3:30 and I have managed to blow off pretty much everything I thought I would do today. But I did watch the Schoolhouse Rock DVD I got from Netflix.

I have also been thinking about my employment situation. The end of December is only a month away and unemployment is looking much more likely. Despite the endless resumes I sent out, I have not heard back from any of them. So, as I was talking to my aunt Pam last night on the subway, I got to thinking about the NYC Teaching Fellowship Program. It would be a great way for me to go back to school without paying a ton of money that I don't really have and still insure some sort of employment. So, I think after this weekend, I may just go ahead and throw my hat in the ring for this program. I think it would be a good option for me.

Okay, that being said, I am going back to my knitting. I am finally putting my organic cotton to good use. Since I couldn't decide for such a long time about what to do with it, I am using it for the "Turtle Top" in Hollywood Knits. Nice chunky sleeveless turtleneck sweater. I could probably wear it on Monday. Love the chunky stuff.

Tuesday, November 23

Bon Jour Mes Amies!!!

Paris is just what the doctor ordered. I spent 5 days seeing sights, shopping, eating, enjoying the change of culture, meeting new people, going to museums and wandering aimlessly. The bad news is my French has really gotten bad. But the good news is there are MANY Parisiens who speak pretty good English. So even my travelling companion, Ardra, could get by with her total lack of French. I did give her one phrase to say, "Ou est la sortie?" It's always good to have someone with you with an exit strategy.

We met a few locals while we were hanging out. They were all very friendly and very open. They all managed to ask about the political standing of the US. Parisiens do have a political streak in them.

So, where did we go?


Arc de Triomphe


Eiffel Tower


Musee d'Orsay

And so much more.

I am so glad we went out there. It was a fabulous time. I will tell more tales later on. Must get back to my normal life now.

Monday, November 15

I haven't disappeared

Things have been very crazy for me these days. I know I have been very lax in sharing my info on this blog. But here's what's going on with me now.


I am working until the end of the year with the Dodgers. The entire company is dissolving so I can't really do a whole lot about the situation. Basically, last week, everyone got the date of their termination. The first round of lay offs happened last Friday. The rest of them are Dec 31, Jan 31, Feb 28 and March 31. By then, the entire company will have fallen into nothingness. So, I am diligently sending out resumes. My goal is at least one every day. It's not very easy at the moment. So, I am just hanging on to what I have for the time being.


I just finished my 50 clutchettes for Nicole. I think they are absolutely adorable. She may have some more work for me in the future, but I will wait until I get back into town to worry about that. In the mean time, I am thinking about selling my stitch markers in some way. I am still trying to figure out what venue(s) to go with. Also, the second Stitch 'n Bitch book just came out. I worked on a) the purple newsboy cap, b) the black cardigan, c) the London Calling sweater, d) the pink drop stitch vest and e) the swallow baby sweater.


I leave for Paris on Wednesday. I am so very excited about going. I can't wait to get out of town for a while. I will be there for 5 days. That makes me very happy.


I had a bit of a freaky moment on Friday. I was in the bathroom, getting ready for work when Koshka started licking his chops and rubbing the side of his mouth. Well, low and behold, out pops a tooth - a molar. So I had to take him to the vet on Saturday to make sure that everything is just fine. Which is what seems to be the case. But the doctor was a little concerned about his low weight. So the blood tests should be in tomorrow. I am hoping that all else is well with this guy. He seems to be just fine other than being without a tooth. So we'll see tomorrow if there is anything I should be grumpy about.

I think that about brings me up to date. Well, I am going to get back to whatever it is that I'm doing.

Monday, November 1

Trick or Treat

Aren't we adorable?!?! Meet Mass Transit Girl and Bus Babe. We met up with out other superhero friend Meter Maid, a little later in the evening, last night. Actually, the group consisted of the Urban League of Justice, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Spuds McKenzie, a Hanging Chad (complete with noose) and a Dark Angel. We were quite a site wandering through the Village.

Okay, with the fun of Halloween behind me, my next goal is to get busy with

Official NaNoWriMo 2004 Participant

That's right, I cam going to try to get my NANOWRIMO behind in gear again this year. One more November, one more attempt at writing a novel. I already have over 300 words of the 50,000 done. Keep in mind, it has only been 9 hours since we started. Wait a minute. I am wastin gwords on this blog. I need to put these words down in my novel.

Gotta go!