The World According to Marney

Friday, May 31

It is finally Friday! The shortest work weeks always seem the longest. On the other hand, the longest weekends always seem the shortest.

I spent much of my evening last night talking with Mom about knitting and computers. I guess those would me the things that occupy the most of my time. Mom has sent me some pictures of her lastest project. She decided to make a sweater from a Knit 'n Style magazine I got when I was back there. Of course, these pieces have since been frogged.
Mom's Sweater Mom's Sleeves

One more word on Mom's kniting. If anyone knows about an informal knitting group in Vancouver, WA, please let me know. Mom and Grandma Dolly are a little jealous of my S-n-B. They want to join one themselves. Thank you Shetha for letting me know about the Knitting Guild in the area.

Speaking of Shetha, she will be here in the Big Apple this weekend. A few of us bloggers, Betsy and Jackie and myself are trying to meet up with her. We'll see you tomorrow, Shetha. Have a good flight.

Thursday, May 30

Here are more Personal Yarns

"School days, school days, good ole..."

1. Where did you attend school as a child? (the first 6 years or so...) What do you remember about the building and the playground?
I went to Glenwood Heights Elementary School in Brush Prairie, WA. Although the whole school has changed since I was there, I remember the playground as having: A red and white merry-go-round right in the center, 2 tetherball poles with 1 white tetherball and 1 yellow tetherball, big swings (I think around 8 in total), 2 or 3 teeter totters, an iron dome shaped jungle gym, 2 pipe structures that formed bars like the uneven bars in gymnastics. All of this stuff was on a bed of wood chips. Due to the fact that Washington has a lot of rain, the covered part of the playground was big enough to fit 60+ kids playing Four-Square and hopscotch.

2. Do you remember your first day? your teacher's name? best friends? your favorite activity?
I don't remember much about my earliest years there. My teacher's name was Mrs. Yarborough. She was a very kind and soft spoken. I remember many more of my friends from later years of Elementary School; Emmy (as posted with her new baby a few days ago), Kim, Judy, Brandi, Aaron and Timmy (from the house around the corner). I loved (and still do) to read. I would read everything.

3. What sort of lunch box did you have? What was usually in it?
I remember that I had a metal lunchbox of some sort but I don't remember what it was of. I also remember having an orange tupperware lunch box that kept everything "fresh". Mostly I had the typical sandwich lunches. I have always been a picky eater so PB&J was a staple.

4. Describe yourself as an elementary school student.
I was quiet unless I was around my friends. I was shy unless I was playing. I was always reading and trying to learn new things. Man those days were fun. Judy and Kim were my partners in crime most of the time. We solved mysteries, a la Nancy Drew. We made up stories, games and songs. Our imaginations had no limit.

Actually, I just went back home in March to open a time capsule that my class put together when I was in the 3rd grade. That was when I found out about the changes in the school. It was really wild to see everything that we thought was important back then, like Star Wars action figures. Some things never change.

I managed to find buttons for my baby cardigan last night. (Pictures are on the way, I swear!!!) I always end up going to Greenburg & Hammer. I should know to start my searches there. I have never been disappointed by their selection of notions. Not to mention, they are conveniently located on 57th between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. (Rather close to home.) So, my sweater set is complete. I will be sending them all out today. Little Conner will be nice and cozy in his new summer cardigan, socks and hat.

I made another Strawberry hat last night. Man, they go fast! I think I need to get some other colors of yarn to make other fruits. Jackie suggested knitting up little leaves to attach to the stems. Maybe I will look into doing something like that. I have a plethora of green left over.

Tonight is a big night for me. I get to be hooked up to the platelet machine at the Red Cross for the evening. Sadly, this prospect is less painful than some dates I have been on of lateÖ.

Wednesday, May 29

There are bugs living in the blogger system. Maybe posting will exterminate them.

Last night's S-n-B was quite a learning experience. I took on the challenge of creating one of the adorable Ann Norling Fruit Caps. I worked on a strawberry for the niece of one of my co-workers. When Debbie Stoller, our knitting Shaman, noticed that I had ungainly stranding of yarns in the inside of the hat, she jumped to the plate to show me how to weave in those strands as I go along. That made my yarn so much more controllable! Thanks Debbie! That is nothing compared to the magic she worked for Betsy's shell. What would we do without Debbie?!?!

The saddest part out the evening was saying good-bye to Carolyn. Last night was her last night with us in NYC. Seattle, take good care of Ms. Chunky. We will all be stopping by to make sure she's happy. Good luck, Carolyn!

My main focus for today is sending good thoughts out to Jackie with her interview today. Good luck to you too, Jackie!

Tuesday, May 28


Saturday was probably the best day as far as weather was concerned. I spent most all day out in Central Park with my friends. We walked the entire loop (as we frequently do on weekends) and then just decided to spend the rest of the day enjoying the weather and the park. I did find myself knitting in a few different places in the park. As I have learned not to go too far without my fix. We had a little picnic just west of the Conservatory Garden on 103rd Street. After eating, the ball of yarn made its way out into the open. As we decided to meander back downtown, Jackie and I decided to knit more at the Bethesda Fountain at 72nd Street. We only stopped because I needed to reload yarn. That gave us a perfect opportunity to check out a good knitting cafe, The Coffee Pot. Well, it isn't a "KNITTING" cafe but very condusive to knitting with comfy couches, good lighting and relaxed atmosphere.

Well, I have finished the Baby Cardigan, matching socks and matching hat. I adapted the sock and hat patterns to accommodate my stitch patern. They came out very cute. I will be bringing them for show and tell tonight at the S-n-B. I also have a little going-away something for Carolyn that I created last week. She will definitely be missed here in NYC. The good news, for me, is I go back to Washington at least once a year. Now I will have another friend to meet up with when I visit Seattle. Well, at least we well have the internet.

The rest of my holiday weekend was only filled with knitting and watching M*A*S*H and X-Files Marathons on FX. I did make it outside long enough to see Star Wars: Episode II. I was really disappointed with it. Natalie Portman was a real disappointment. I held her in high regard as an actress until I saw her in this. She was a life sized action figure doll, with all of the rigidity and blandness of plastic. Just because her character is cold does not mean she has to give up on acting. I was probably one af the few that actually liked Episode I. This one, in my opinion, was much worse. I think I may have to go back to only watching Indy and Foreign films. Hollywood has let me down!

Friday, May 24

Last night, I got into a conversation about archipelagoes. According to the dictionary, an archipelago is 1. A large group of islands 2. A sea, such as the Aegean, containing a large number of scattered islands. My question is: Is New York City (sans Bronx which is on the mainland) an archipelago. We have Manhattan, Long Island (Brooklyn and Queens), Staten Island, Randall's Island, Roosevelt Island, Riker's Island, Governor's Island, Ellis Island, and Liberty Island. (Forgive me if I have forgotten some or lumped in Ellis and Liberty Islands which are in Jersey.) Does that qualify as an archipelago?

I have no knitting news today. I hope to get a lot of knitting done this weekend. My goal is to finish the cardigan and maybe the socks this weekend.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

This is me at my 1st birthday with daddy. See I told you I was cute! Oh, and thanks for the update, Mom!

Thursday, May 23

Theresa has posed questions to bloggers to share. I thought I would throw out the answers that I know. Mom, please feel free to correct me or add (not so embarrassing) info in the comments links.

1. Where were you born? What do you know about your own birth? (time, circumstance, etc...)
I was born in Vancouver, WA, Memorial Hospital (which is now Southwest Washington Medical Center). I think I was born around lunch time. I was very young, I couldn't tell time yet. For that matter, I don't remember much about the whole thing. I was born 2 days before my due date but a few weeks after my mom stopped wanting to carry me in the summertime. I was 8 lbs, 13 oz and 22 inches long. Long before sonograms became common, my doctor thought I was going to be a boy because of my strong heartbeat. Surprise!

2. Do you have a baby picture you can put onto your weblog? If not, tell us what you looked like as a baby.
I don't have any pictures right now. I'll upload one tomorrow. But rest assured, I was down right adorable.

3. What kind of a baby or toddler were you according to the people who were around when you were young?
I was really pretty much a small version of me now. I started speaking in complete sentences because I don't like to do anything halfway. I had very few baby words that were soon changed to the correct words because I have always been a perfectionist. The main difference between me then and now is I was quiet and shy as a small child. No, I won't revert back!

4. Know any cute baby-related quotes?
My parents did not have a name for me before I was born. So when they announced to the family that they had named their new daughter Marney, my grandfather asked, "What kind of a name is Barney for a girl?" Thus began the cross I have had to bear with my less than common name.

If you want more quotes, Mom is really the one to ask!

I have good news for all you ladies in New York, Fleet Week in officially under way. That's right. Our city is crawling with men in uniform. It always amazes me how much of a far cry it is from On The Town. If anyone wants to find a sailor or marine on leave, they all seem to flock to Hell's Kitchen. I guess I will be staying locked up in my apartment for a few days!

I tried out the Glow in the Dark yarn last night. Let me tell you, it is AWFUL to work with. Imagine fishing line shredded into thin strands and gathered (not spun) in the same general vacinity. There is absolutely no give or stretch to it as it is 100% nylon. I think that it will be fine in small doses. That will be all that I can handle. Also, it is a good candidate for intarsia instead of fair isle weaving.

I started one sock to match the baby cardigan last night. I think the pattern will be just fine. I was using #3 needles which may be too loose. So, I have to yank my #2s from a bootie that is waiting to be finished. (That will be a while...) Not to mention, the #3 Double Point Needles I got last weekend at Smiley's are metal with a weird non-slip coating on them. They are very odd to work with. Maybe I am just spoiled by my birch Brittany needles.

Wednesday, May 22

Lost night was such a fun S-n-B. We had a great time. I managed to finish the back of the cardigan. That means I only have one sleeve left. Then, I am off to make some socks. I think I found a pattern that I will adapt. It is the exact yarn that I am using which is the main reason I chose it. Instead of doing the fair isle pattern, I will just use the stitch pattern from the cardigan. I will only be using about 3 balls of yarn for this project. That means I have 7 more balls. I did realize that the blue is close to the color of my bathroom. I have been lacking wash cloths for a while so I think I may whip up a few of them. I think I will do different stitch patterns on each just to spice it up.

A few friends and I are trying to put together a local monthly book club. We are still working out the final details. Hopefully it will get started soon. I am definitely looking forward to this. I am storting to feel like my brain is wearing away with lack of use.

Deb, I will bring the Glow in the Dark yarn next week so you can see it! Maybe I will whip up a little something as a sample as well.

Tuesday, May 21

Attention all New Yorkers and travelers to NYC!!! I added a link down on the right to a page of summer events in NYC this year. Many of them are free. If I could find a link, I included it as well. I love all of the summer events in New York. Maybe I'll see you there!

Joel, Emmy and Conner
Emmy and Joel sent me pictures of their new addition, Conner. I have known Emmy since we were 5 years old. Now she has a baby of her own. Congratulations!

I got it! That's right, my Glow in the Dark yarn came in the mail today - but still no sign of my eknitting order. I don't have photos yet (that's the story of my life). It looks like it may be less than wonderful to knit with. Very loosely spun nylon. Well, I will only use it for accents. I do have a poll going on right now here if you would like to give me an idea as to what design I should do on my nieces' socks with the Glow in the Dark yarn. Sorry, MJ, I will not be putting on Martini Glasses.

I have both front pieces and one sleeve finished on the baby cardigan for little Conner. I am looking for a simple sock pattern (multiple of 4 stitches - 7 stitches per inch gauge) that I can adapt to the stitch pattern of the cardigan. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

Tonight is S-n-B. And, yes, I brought my Glow in the Dark yarn for Show and Tell. I hope Jen makes it back tonght. She still needs to learn to purl.

Monday, May 20

I thought I would join the blog scene and include the Friday Five in today's post. It could be fun.

1. What shampoo do you use?
Thermasilk for color treated hair. I got a HUGE bottle of it in November that I am convinced will last me forever.

2. Do you use conditioner? What kind?
I use the conditioner from the L'Oreal Feria hair color. It is rather intense and makes my hair like butter.

3. When was the last time you got your hair cut?
Easter Sunday. I let my sister, Amy, cut my hair as practice for her beauty school classes. Before that, October 1999. No, really!

4. What styling products do you use?
I don't use many products as they don't do anything for my hair. It is way too fine and straight to have body or hope for becoming anything other than fine and straight.

5. What's your worst hair-related experience?
The summer before my sophomore year in high school, I (1) used Sun-In, (2) went swimming in our swimming pool, (3) got a perm and (4) stayed out in the sun all sumer long. By the time I went back to school, my hair was the color and texture of straw. When I decided to go back to my natural color, my mom (a licensed beautician) left the color on for much less time than suggested. My hair turned black within about 10 minutes. Since then, I have sworn off Sun-In, perms, staying out in the sun all summer long, and my natural color. All is happy now!

I have new projects!! I am so happy. I thought I was going to ga through withdrawl while I was waiting for yarn. Alas, Smiley's came to the rescue. They are having a sale on bags of yarn. I managed to come away with 30 balls of yarn (mostly cotton) for under $40. I think that was a worthwhile trip to Queens!

So I came home to try to figure out what to do with my loot. I have decidied to start a shell for myself out of the slate blue with nubbies, "Bolivia" . I am pretty much winging the pattern. I started the bottom from a Rowan pattern but will finish the top differently. We'll see how many times I have to frog this one. (Check out the photos Jackie has posted. Mine looks the same but in blue.)

I also got some Phildar Cotton Phil 51 in a light blue. That will become a baby cardigan from the Knits for Babies and Toddlers. I will have enough yarn to proboly make 2 of them and baby socks to match.

On Sunday, I went out to the International Food Festival on Ninth Avenue. I couldn't really avoid it since it is literally right outside of my apartment windows.So much good food! It is my favorite street fair of the year. Afterwards I spent the evening catching up with some friends, Mary Jo, Juan and Gene. It was so nice to get together and have such a wonderful time. All in all, it was a lovely weekend.

Friday, May 17

There is one more thing I want to mention today. Saturday is the 22nd anniversary of Mt. St. Helens' devistating eruption. I would put up pictures from my last trek out to the mountain, this past March. Sadly, the photos were lost in a tragic, technological snafu. Maybe Jackie can be persuaded to post one or two of hers....

I have good news. My friend Emmy and her husband Joel welcomed their new son yesterday. His name is Connor (I am not sure of the spelling so I'm sorry if I got it wrong.) Congratulations Emmy and Joel. I have booties coming out to you very soon! Please send photos when you get a chance.

Last night I went to a Lot 47 Films screening of The Fast Runner. It was 3 hours of life on the tundra. There were some amazingly beautiful shots in this film, like the sun gleaming off the ice. On the other hand, sometimes it was hard to put the pieces of the plot together. It was an interesting piece that is not for anyone with a short attention span.

I did get a couple of rows in on the vest last night. I am almost binding off for the arm holes. It is all one piece (I hate stitching pieces together if I can avoid it). I am still waiting for my yarn deliveries. I am getting more impatient every day. For that matter, I still haven't received my Brittany Needle replacements yet. I may have to send another e-mail to follow up on their back order situation. At least I will be able to indulge in my compulsion to collect yarn tomorrow at Smiley's!

Thursday, May 16

Yesterday, I splurged. After seeing a post on Knitter's Review about Glow-in-the-Dark yarn, I jumped over to Heartstrings and ordered some. I thought it would be a really cute accent for socks that I will be making for the nieces. I haven't decided if I want to just do stripes or get fancy with stars or moons. Must start planning... Suggestions are welcome.

I continued on with my purple vest. I didn't even realize that I am only one cable away from shaping the front. I have been kind of slow on this project since the 80° weather is not so great for wearing 100% wool. I think I will be using less yarn than I thought. Hey, that means I will officially have stash! Yea!

On the local front, I noticed on my way in to work this morning that the people that had planted themselves in front of the Zigfield theatre for the past month waiting for the opening of Star Wars Episode II have disappeared. The film opened at midnight last night. It was an interesting crowd that gathered. They were there for about a month. I did notice the there was one woman knitting what looked to be a striped scarf (when the weather allowed them to stay outside af their tents).

Wednesday, May 15

Last night's S-n-B was quite fun. I got the opportunity to introduce another non-knitter into the world of knitting. Jen was one of the volunteers for New York Cares Spring Clean Up Day. After hearing a little bit about the excitement of knitting, she decided to join the cool kids. On some level, it is kind of strange that I took on this task. After all, I am one of the newbies in the group with only about 4 or 5 months under my belt. Also, as Meema pointed out, I use the English "throw" method. Although I have attempted Continental, I haven't quite gotten the hang of it. (Fellow S-n-Bers, I would be happy to get some instruction if you have the time....) In any case, Jen now casts on like a pro. She got through about 4 rows of knit stitches of what will become a great scarf. Next week, we'll see if she is ready to attempt purling. Keep it up Jen!

More fun news: Mom is thinking about starting her own blog. Well, it maybe shared with other family members. What a great way to get info out to everyone. A great way to plan funcions and share pictures, too. Well, Mom, you know that I will help you out on this. Just give me the high sign.

I got an e-mail the other day saying my eknitting order has been shipped. I will be very happy when that package gets here! I am starting to run out of yarn and projects. It was suggested to have a yarn swap next week. I would love to participate in something like that but I don't have anything resembling a swapable stash. Between my short stretch of knitting and money being rather tight these days, I am at a loss for extra yarn. Alas, alas! Maybe my trek to Smiley's this weekend will help out. Nothing like bags of yarn on sale to help build up the stash!

Tuesday, May 14


Since I wanted to find small projects to keep me busy, I decided that my neices' Barbies may need some clothes. Of course, my Barbies never had cool clothes. Although some were homemade. Judy sewed tube dresses for every occassion. Sadly, she had not yet learned the skill of hemming. Well, I thought I would throw out some pattern links that I found to keep Barbie stylin'.

Here is a nice selection of Barbie patterns, including a poodle skirt, holiday dress, sweaters and a few outfits for Kelly.

With soaring temperatures just around the corner, Barbies need to enjoy summer. Why not whip up a Swim Suit for her. Kelly, too! Or, use the same pattern for undies for those chilly nights in the Barbie Dream House.

No wonder I have been so upset about my lack of cool clothing for my Barbies. I never had hand knit Bellbottom pants for any of my dolls! I tried this pallern last night as well as the sweater. Barbie will be stylin'!

As the perpetual teenager, Barbie needs to have something to wear to Homecoming, Prom and other important social events. Here are a couple of lovely dresses to keep her in style. Make sure you check out the socks listed on this page, too.

Monday, May 13

Weekend Update

I FINISHED MY SOCKS! I didn't have to frog at all. That is quite an accomplishment. I will be giving them to my boss today. (Her birthday is tomorrow but she will be out of town all week.) To keep myself busy until I receive my ekniting order and until I trek out to Smiley's sale next week, I have started knitting barbie dresses. It keeps me busy and I can stock them up as presents for those rascally neices.

I spent Saturday moving TADA! to their new home. They are a children's theatre company. Being in an environment af children on stage reminded me of my youth spent at dance class. I even caught myself tapping away when I had down time.

Later that evening, I went to hear William Brooks play at Conitinental. I only recently met William through friends. I enjoyed the show quite a lot. Another treat for the evening was seeing Deni Bonet play as well. Man, she plays the hell out of that violin! All in all, I was a great musical evening.

That's all I have right now. I am going to "get back to work." I can't even type that without laughing!

Friday, May 10

For all of you knitting junkies out there, Knitter's Review Forum has started Knitters Anonymous. I suggest that everyone check out your local chapter....

I made a comment at the last S-n-B about my progress as a knitter. Each project I do has at least 1 different feature. I heard the words come out of my mouth, "It's not like I jumped right into an Aran sweater." My next thoughts were why not?

First you have to learn the history of the Aran sweater in Ireland. Or if you prefer, how a dropped stitch gave rise to a popular myth. There is a little discrepency on the dates of these stories. I think there is a bit of romance in the idea that a sweater can be a symbol of love, family and history. That is a big burden for any sweater.

Can't you just see people wandering around the Aran Isles in beautiful, warm, hand knit sweaters. On these shores, I think it is a must.

This is definitely not the original fishing technique for a Fisherman's Wool Aran Pullover Sweater. I wonder if the photographer for this pattern has any concept of other types of fishing. It all looks pretty silly to me.

I am thinking I may go all out on this Aran kick. Once I make my fill of sweaters, I can move on to Aran Afghans. But really, not Aran household is complete without the Aran Isles Teapot.

Thursday, May 9

I heard on the news today that there are people predicting that we have reached the bottom of this bear market. With the indexes showing a dramatic upturn yesterday, maybe there is some truth to that. You may ask, what does this have to do with anything that I would image would be on this blog. Well, itís my way of saying that things are changing.

I found out yesterday that a friend will be moving back to Los Angeles. Another friend announced her pregnancy. DC will be moving back to Seattle (I wont out her in as I don't think she has announced this to the outside world yet). These are all good forms of change. I wish everyone all of the best in their new ventures.

But, any good news inevitably will have opposite reaction, which for me is the laying off of many of our sales team at work. In my department, it will be a loss of nearly 2/3 of my co-workers. The best thing I can say about all of this is it is the end of the limbo that my office has been in for the past 6 months. Well, for all of my coworkers that are just now hearing the news, I wish you all the best of luck and much happiness in the future. I hope our paths cross again.

That is all for my contemplative blog today.

Wednesday, May 8

Last night's S-n-B was a lot of fun. There were quite a few new faces. That also means more resources of knowledge and inspiration to glean upon.

Sock WIP

I started sock #2 and progressed further than I thought I would. I found that intricate patterns or major increasing/decreasing at the S-n-B don't work well together. The social aspect detracts from complicated tasks, like counting. I only had to unknit a couple of rows. Jackie had the trouble of stitches disappearing and reappearing again.

Jackie also brought her camera so I have pictures to add to my gallery. To be posted later this afternoon....

Tuesday, May 7

I don't have a lot to talk about today. The most I can say is I finished my sock! Only a little over 2 days and I'm done! I guess that proves that I really need to get a life.

I am looking forward to the S-n-B tonight. I missed last week (for good reason). I need to get back into the swing of things. Not only that, but I need to get sock #2 started. Which reminds me, if anyone wants to join us in our S-n-B or one in another city, check out the link.

Monday, May 6

Weekend News

Friday night I went to a performance of The Underpants. My dear friend William Duell is in the show and invited me to come see it. It was a farcical romp through a turn of the century Germany disfunctional marriage. What a fun show! (See my latest theatre exploits on my theatre page.)

Strangely enough, I ran into a fellow Stitch-n-Bitcher at the theatre. Chris and I have not seen each other at the group much due to conflicting schedules, so we really don't know each other. She asked me if someone knitted my sweater. As that it was my very first sweater, I proudly announced that I did. All the rest just fell into play.

Saturday, I went to help out with the New York Spring Clean Up Day for New York Cares. Well, I worked on the party for all of the SCUD workers that went out to many parks in each of the boroughs to clean and beautify. The way I look at it, someone needs to make sure that the volunteers enjoy winding down after a long hard day of making New York beautiful! There were about 3000 volunteers cleaning up various parks throughout the 5 boroughs. Qute an undertaking!

Saturday night, I finished my sock! Bad news is that due to my adapting number of stitches to make up for gauge, I made it TOO wide and TOO short. As I started watching Frontier House on PBS, I frogged the whole thing. I started a new pattern (with the correct gauge) and subsequently got into Frontier House. I did get very excited when I noticed one of the women knitting a sock. I felt like we were bonding throughout time and space with our socks.

Well, my insanity will show through now. as of now, the sock I started on Saturday night is already past the turning of the heel! I am set on finishing them by the end of the week!

Friday, May 3

Good morning!

I am so excited! I already have people hitting my site! I guess it doesn't take much to get the word out. Thank you Jackie and Carolyn for inspiring me and putting that thought in my obsessive mind!

On a knitting note, I turned my heel last night. I should have sock #1 finished by the end of the weekend. That means that I can complete a sock in about a week. Not bad for a beginner. My goal is to have them both finished by May 13th. Only 10 days to go!

I have heard rumors that knitting tends to be a cool weather hobby. More people want to work with wool when it's cool outside. Granted, the seasons here in New York are really wacko right now with 90° weather turning to rainy 40° days. But with the beginnings of summer peeking around the corner, I still have not lost the urge to pick up the needles. Well, to be honest, I am focusing on smaller projects, like socks. We'll see how far that goes when the humidity makes Manhattan an urban rain forest.

One last thing, I would like to say hello to Mom, Grandma Dolly and Nana. They are fabulous knitters in their own right. I guess it must be genetic. Remind me to tell you sometime about the year Mom made afghans for all 22 of my cousins for Christmas. (No wonder I knit like a machine!)

Thursday, May 2

I forgot to mention what I am currently working on. Right now, I have started a pair of socks that I am probably going to give to my boss for her birthday. Now, you may ask, why would someone give a pair of black wool socks to someone for their birthday in May??? I would like to make things very clear here. I rarely make sense and try not to do anything that someone else would consider logical. Just ask Jackie who received a Christmas Tree ornament from me for her August birthday. Did I mention that Jackie, like most Jewsh people, does not celebrate Christmas?

Aside from the socks, I also have a vest that is only a few rows long. That one is also 100% wool. I don't think I will need to have it finished anytime soon. Also, there is a cardigan that I started in February that only has one front piece to go. The problem with that is I lost interest in the brocade pattern that I started. Again, the weather is a little too warm to be worrying about it yet.

Knitting On The Road
The most exciting project has not yet begun. I am happy to say that I am planning for the holiday season more than 7 months in advance. (Watch me pat my own back.) If the family is reading this, don't keep reading if you don't want to know about future presents. I was given a wonderful book from Debbie Stoller, chief cook and bottle washer of our stitch-n-bitch, called Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. Combine the book with a discount at eknitting thanks to Knitter's Review and I am cooking with oil!

WELL... There has been this growing pressure to start a blog. I can hear all of my fellow stitch-n-bitchers chiming in now. So here it is. I hope this adventure will be just as productive. But like most things I do, I will jump in a bit blindly. So, here we go!

Although, I have not seen it yet, I hear that our knitting group is officially famous. Last week, a crew from the CBS Early Show came to film us knitting away. This morning, we made it to the airwaves. I will have to wait until I get home from work to see it. Check out both Dangerouschunkey and Jackie-Blue for their comments. They were near enough to a TV to catch it.

There really isn't a whole lot that I have to say right now. I will probably be back later.

Oh, when I get a chance, I will attempt to put in a gallery and other good stuff. Please remember that I am only just winging it here!