The World According to Marney

Monday, May 30

Happy Memorial Day

Despite the beautiful weather and luxurious day off, I managed to lay low all day this holiday. Mostly, I spent much of the day knitting. One of my coworkers has a new baby. Actually, the baby was born the weekend before I started working there. I have been meaning to make something for this little guy, but haven't found a pattern that I liked for the yarn I chose. So, I started tweaking today and managed to make this sweater into this:

I know, it's no longer a cardigan. And I know that there is a hood. I even know that the gauge is totally wrong for the pattern. But considering I was knitting for a 1 month old and not a toddler, it was really knitting without a net. And I know that charcoal gray is not your typical baby color, but I was informed that this baby prefers to wear black. So, this is the closest I could come up with in my stash. And at least I had some help.

Koshka is such a good helper. But not as helpful as his brother, George:

But George really sticks with helping with the household chores, like making the bed. Especially any chore that involves sleep, hiding and eating.

Monday, May 23

Busy, busy

I know I have been neglectful in my posting, but I have been very busy lately. Work is going very well. Everyone keeps saying that it seems like I have been there for a long time. I take that as a compliment.

This is also the season for going out and doing stuff. Between BBQs, theatre, just getting together, celebrating new jobs/leaving jobs, and the like, I feel like there is rarely a time that I am just at home anymore. So, I took yesterday as a day off from everything outside of my apartment. I didn't answer the phone or go outside or anything. I was being a total hermit. It was so needed.

Speaking of employment, of my closest friends here in NYC, a large number of people I spend lots of time with have either been unemployed or got a new job within the past 3 months. It's kinda strange, actually.

In good, yet potentially dangerous news, my new office is all of 3 blocks away from one of my favorite local yarn stores, Yarn Connection. I managed to stop in on my lunch hour last week and scored a bag of Silky Tweed in gray. It was on sale and is already on the needles for a tank top and shrug twin set. I am still tweaking my patterns, but I think they should come out very pretty.

Well, this is my early week at work, so I need to head out to work.

Monday, May 9

Latest Projects

Thank you all for your comments and e-mails. This new job is such a wonderful change for the better for me. It has been a long time since I wasn't totally miserable in going to work every day. Well, I have been keeping myself busy when I am not dealing with my job learning curve. Wanna see?

These were special request from Dad. And I happened to have plenty of left over peace fleece from my sweater. Apparently his golf clubs need to have more than one set of clothes. So, I decided to make these a bit more fun and special...

They are monogrammed. If you don't know Dad, his name is, well... Bob.

And let's not forget about Mom. This is the poncho that Mom requested from me.

You can't tell in this picture, but there is an eyelet pattern and a scalloped edge in this big, bulky poncho. No spelling required for this one.

Tuesday, May 3

Happy Marney

I am happy to say that so far everything is going very well in the new job. The people there are really nice, helpful, smart and personable. I like that I am doing a bit of the event planning thing with not so much of the chaos that goes with it. Granted, it has been all about the training so far, but I still have a very good feeling about this situation. So much better than the last gig. SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!

But, it hasn't stopped me from knitting up a storm. I would include pictures, but my camera is eating up batteries like crazy, so I have to see what I can do about it. So, in the mean time, you will have to imagine the poncho, the blanket and the golf club covers I have on needles or about to finish. I should get things back in order with this camera thing soon.