The World According to Marney

Thursday, February 8


Thank you all for your thoughts about George. I found out last night that this is much worse than I thought. George has cancer. The cyst on his head is a tumor and there are mast cells in his blood. They think his spleen may have lesions and want to do an sonogram to look for more. He also has a heart murmur and his thyroid may be problematic.

I'm really not handling this well right now. And to top it off, I'm going out of town for a couple of days for work. I'm hoping that his time away will give me a chance to think about something else for a while. Peter is going to look in on the kitties while I"m gone.

Other than that, all I can do is wait until the vet contacts their oncologist to look a George further.

But George is a trooper! He's acting a bit more normal, though still not eating much. He's still a big snuggle bunny and purrs 85% of his day.

Tuesday, February 6


I am having a hard time finding time for anything that is not work these days. For the last month, I have worked more hours than I can count. Pair that with the 2 hour commute each way, it's amazing that I have time to sleep any more. Also, I was in DC at the beginning of last week. Though I worked about 15 hours a day for the 2 days that I was there, I did get to stay at the Mandarin Oriental. It's a small price to pay for such a beautiful hotel.

Upon my return, I managed to be a part of a panel for a meeting of hotel sales people. I was one of 5 meeting planners that spoke our minds about the industry, trends and what we are looking for from a hotel. After being back in the business for 2 months, I can't say that I would have chosen that role quite yet, but that's the way it works.

This weekend, Peter and I noticed that George was a bit lethargic and really not himself - not wanting to eat and throwing up more than usual. So I took him into the doctor this morning. He had blood and urine tests, xrays and cell samples from a cyst that had formed on his head. Poor guy has been poked and prodded all morning. Then I had to separate him from the other two for the day so he won't eat or drink anything. I have to wait until tomorrow before I will know anything more. But I am not looking forward to the results. I'm worried for my baby.

I'm having a hard time focusing on work right now. I think I'll work from home tomorrow so I can be with him. But then I have to go to Columbus for 2 days. Lucky for me (and him) that Peter is willing and able to stop in and check on him, particularly if he needs any medication.