The World According to Marney

Sunday, February 27

Completed Object

With everything that is going on with me these days, I am having a hard time feeling like I am achieving anything concrete. So, I picked up some yarn from the Farmers' Market in Union Square. I love getting yarn straight from the farmer. It was some great merino wool.

I whipped up a little seaman's cap. Granted, the dye came off on my fingers something awful. But after knitting up and washing out the excess dye, this iss what it looks like.

Sunday, February 20


I am thinking about making some changes to my diet. For the pasts 4 years, I have been an ovo-lacto vegetarian. When I made the decision to give up all meat, I promised myself that if this diet harmed my health in any way I would make some changes. Well, with my new job, I have found that I don't have time to eat during the day. That means I have to get all of my nutrients in basically one meal a day. So, I am thinking that if I add fish to my diet and become a pescetarian, I can get more nutrients in my diet. Not only that, but it will make things a bit easier for dining, as well. And I will be able to enjoy sushi again, and fish & chips while I'm in London.

Right now, I am just thinking about chanign over. Because I am such a dork, I am doing all kinds of research right now to make sure that I am doing the right thing.

I have been trying to keep knitting on a daily basis. With as much craziness in my life right now, I really am depending onmy knitting for some sanity. Not to mention, I have a ton of yarn that is just waiting for inspiration. I am trying to get through my stash. I feel like I am killing 2 birds with one stone. Nothing like multi-tasking!

Monday, February 14

Job Update

So, I'm sure there are a lot of questions about what I am doing these days. My days consist of wandering around the City fixing computers for those that can afford to have a technician come to their home. I have seen some AMAZING apartments in the past couple of weeks. Macs, PCs; individual computers, networks; simple fixes, complex problems; homes, offices; and everything in between. Some of the clients that our company has are celebrities, but I have yet to go to any of their homes. They are pretty much secured by the boss. That is quite alright with me, though. I am still learning the ropes and find myself making a few errors in dealing directly with people. I am not used to using computer jargon to distance myself from what I am doing. I have always been the one to make things more easy to understand.

Anyway, there is never a dull moment. Come to think of it, I have hardly had any time to sit still, and have yet had a chance to eat lunch while on the job. On top of that, by carrying around laptops, tools and other "stuff," I am convinced that a gym membership would be wasted on me. I am still getting the hang of everything. But I definitely need to get more sleep these days.

Thursday, February 3

Good News

Just when I thought things were going to crash and burn, a miracle comes down from above. I got me a job. Well, yesterday morning, I had an interview, by 8:30AM, I was working for a new company. I am a techie. I am working for a computer consulting company that takes care of the computer needs of people all over the NYC area. It's pretty wild.

I'll talk about it more when I have a few more minutes.