The World According to Marney

Friday, February 28

I am happy to say that I have survived the first meeting for work. I am still sitting in a hotel in Atlanta as I try to finish up a few things before my flight. Unfortunately, I have not had time to knit much on this trip. I got most of my cuff finished on my second sock. I really wanted to finish them before I got back on the plane. Well at least I have something to do on the plane when my brain stops working.

I didn't have any time to go to any LYSs here. That kinda bums me. I know I won't get out of the hotel next week in Colorado Springs. I will have to suffice with what I have. Sounds like my day in NYC may include making a yarn run.

Monday, February 24

So it's 9:30 PM and I am still at the office with no end in site. Tomorrow I will be beginning my travels for work with a trip to Atlanta. I have not decided which knitting projects to bring with me. I managed to lose the copy of the sock pattern I was using for my merino socks. I must reprint that pattern before I leave. I haven't gotten my yarn for the cheesy love sweater. I don't think I can handle the aran sweater on a plane. I think the socks win.

I can't wait for these meetings to be over. I am definitely beginning to need some serious therapy as well as anger management from this past month. Today was the kicker. After working on these meetings for the past month and a half, I was informed today that 3 of these meetings, including one for next week, will be postponed and reworked. The good news is I will not be in Colorado for an entire week. The bad news is all the work that went into those meetings has to be redone, the traveling will be prolonged and there is much money that has been wasted in purchased airline tickets and unused hotel rooms. Is it so hard to plan ahead????

I am done venting for now. I am going to get back to work so I can leave before midnight. See ya when I get back.

Friday, February 21

I gave the Warm Fuzzy sweater to it's new owner last night. I am very happy to say that it was received with much appreciation and gratitude. I really wasn't too worried about that, but I really like to make people happy. The funny thing is, the only other handmade sweater that he has ever gotten was the sweater his grandmother made and moths chewed on. Although it's a beautiful sweater, it is way too big for him and it looks homemade. He has a strange aversion to that.

In other project news, I used my Christmas gift certificate last night to get some yarn for the cheesy love sweater. I decided to go with a rich garnet colored wool. I'm not sure if I will be putting the hearts on it or not.

Okay, I have put off work for long enough.

Tuesday, February 18


I love how the media has made this snow storm (which is definitely nothing to sneeze at) the biggest news story of the year. This gets more coverage than all af the terrorist plots we are avoiding or creating within the government. Okay, so yesterday we got about 2 feet of snow and it is coming down again. Granted, this weather has incapacitated the city in many ways. Nonetheless, being that it was a holiday, I took full advantage of being cooped up in my apartment. That's right, my sweater (now deemed the "warm fuzzy" sweater) is finished. I didn't have it ready to give on Valentine's Day or Saturday when I actually saw the recipient. I took a picture this morning just before I trekked into work so I have nothing yet to show.

You may ask, why have I deemed this the "Warm Fuzzy" sweater. Well, not only is it wool and mohair, thus warm and fuzzy, but it provided my with much comfort as I was making it. This was the sweater I worked on when I went to a funeral for my friend's father. It was also the project that calmed me down during my breakdown from work last week. So, not only does it look and feel warm and fuzzy, it really made me feel much better while I was making it. I hope that actually comes through when I give it away.

In other news, I will be traveling in the nxt couple of weeks for work. That means I have to make sure that I have plenty of projects to keep me occupied on many flights and tedious moments at hotels. I still have my aran sweater which I have decided to take slow. It has become my desert project. If I am good, I allaw myself to do a couple of rows. I also still have the second merino sock. I don't think I can stretch that project out too long. I think I need to boost up my WIPs. Maybe I'll go for the cheesy love sweater which I have been admiring since the unveiling on I was also informed that the real money in knitting would be for doggy sweaters. Maybe I'll look into a couple of pattern books for pooches. So many options, so little money!

Well, I am going to brave the office now. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 14

So, today is Valentine's Day. This is one of those Hallmark Holidays that I really have a hard time getting into. Don't get me wrong, I would not be opposed to having a big, old present given to me in the name of love. I just find it to be a bit cheesy.

Ok, as I was writing that line, a box of brownies was delivered to my desk from a fellow Hallmark Holiday hater and the recipient of my latest fiber creation. That's right, I got me a V-Day present! Timing is really everything. Oh, also, yes, I am making a sweater for someone that I do not have a ring from. I know all about the curse of the love sweater, but I threw all caution to the wind last week when I picked up some Rowan Kid Classic (fabulously soft wool and mohair - burgandy with gray and navy stripes) and decided to make a sweater in a week. All I have to say is I am lucky (for very bad reasons) that I had 2 days of being stuck in a car and one afternoon of fitful rage over my job to give me time to get this sweater finished. Who else but me would take a funeral and a break down as a good sign to be creative??? I have the front and back totally done and the first sleeve about 3/4 finished. I don't think I will be able to get the whole thing completed before I see him tomorrow night. But I will definitely try. The best part of this sweater is that he and I are the same size. If we don't work out, I will take the sweater back and wear it myself.

Oh, Mom, don't get any ideas about this. This is not something that should be blown out of proportion.

Thursday, February 13

No time to post anything for quite a long time. I can't really talk now either. Basically, my job is making me lose my mind. I nearly quit yesterday. Today I am not that much further away.

I walked out of the office in a fit of rage and frustration yesterday at 1:00. I went home and found the only thing that would calm me down was knitting. I spent about 5 hours knitting and watching old movies to bring my blood pressure down.

That is really all I can say right now. I hope that this hell that I call work gets resolved soon. Otherwise I will be posting from a sanitarium.

Wednesday, February 5

I feel like I haven't been doing anything but working for the past couple of weeks. I realized today on the bus to work (I'm spoiling myself during the cold weather and long work days) that even though I was reading, my brain was still plotting what needed to be done at work when I got there. I can't even take 30 minutes to have thoughts outside of this heinous place. I haven't been working on any projects. I haven't had time to finish the books for the book club. The only thingthat takes me away from work is planning to go to a funeral out of town.

Can you say depression setting in?

I didn't make it to S-n-B last night because of work. Now I probably won't be able to make it to the book club tonight because of work, either. I am going to try. If I make it there, I hope to get some work in on my aran sweater which is not knitting itself, these days.

Well, I can't even create complete thoughts right now with them being tainted by the office. I better take care of some of this stuff before my brain totally shuts down.

Monday, February 3

This weekend started out with so much potential. I was putting away all of the ugliness of the job for a couple of days af peace. So much for that. Saturday morning, of course, was the horrible Columbia Shuttle tragedy that took me back to the Challenger Mission in 1986. That was a really difficult time for me as well. My seventh grade science teacher, Mr. Murray, was seventh in line to be on that shuttle. We had studied it for the whole year. I guess it's one of those "I remember where I was when..." moments in life. I don't like collecting those moments in life. I have too many of them, already.

Well, to make the weekend even more difficult, my friend, Mary Jo, lost her father yesterday after a sudden heart attack. He was very young and it was totally unexpected. Needless to say, I will be going down to be with her and her family later on this week.