The World According to Marney

Thursday, August 16

I Got Wedding Yarn!!!!

20 Skeins of Classic Elite Miracle

I picked them up today. I am so very excited about this. Still don't have a solid pattern, but I've been plotting, drawing and contemplating.

Sunday, August 12

Yarns, Dresses and Moving

Well, I have been making progress on the wedding dress design. Today, as Peter and I were walking to Starbucks, I was inspired by a design for the dress. When we got our coffee, I grabbed a napkin and searched for a pen to start drawing. I'm still working out the details, but this could be quite an undertaking.

On Thursday, after a heated discussion about changing Peter's move from Friday (a day I took off to help) to Tuesday, I needed a bit of retail therapy. So on my way over to help pack, I decided to stop off at Knitty City. Lucky for me that they were open late that night. I explained to the woman at the counter that I was going to knit my wedding dress and we purused the selection. I managed to come home with a ball of Classic Elite Miracle in Fundy Bay Blue,

Lang Silkdream in Steel,

and Catalina Bably Silk in Baby Blue.

Though I like them all, after a swatching frenzy, I have decided to go with the Classic Elite. It is a delacate blue/green (Peter would call it Grue) with a slight varigation, almost as though it's painted. There is a little bit of fuzziness without it being itchy or fluffy. The other two are really beautiful but not quite what I was looking for.

So, today, I put in my order for 20 hanks of yarn for the pattern that is building in my brain. We finished packing up Peter's apartment for his move on Tuesday into my place. I have cleaned out some of my apartment so he should fit well. Also, I have been keeping up on my Abercrombie knock-off sweater.

The lighter picture is good to see the detail a bit sharper, but the actual color is closer to the blurrier picture. (I'm still working on getting my camera settings straight.) The yarn is Knit Picks Essential. It's a 2-ply with one strand inbrown and the other in navy.