The World According to Marney

Tuesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Well, another Halloween is upon us. I managed to be the only one to show up at the office with a visible costume (bleeding vampire bite - tasty yet disturbing). My colleague, Nicole didn't want to be left out of the game, so I made her eyes bleed - just like when we are all faced with those endless TPS reports. Jen, was supposed to be Jem of 80s cartoon fame, but is still waiting for the completion of her costume. Her boyfriend, Ruben came in to the office for his transformation into Pee-wee Herman. None of my other colleagues decided they wanted to be celebratory today, until the cupcakes with eyeballs came out. Ah, the great equalizer - pastries.

Nicole is chronicalling all of this with pictures, but none to post quite yet.

Friday, October 27

New Changes

It's official. Mary Jo finally convinced me to listen to her pitch for me to work with her. After a couple of months of wooing and me bringin my guard down a bit, I have agreed to work with her at Ultramar Travel Management. I will be going back to the world of Event Planning. I'm really looking forward to this big change in my life.

On the flip side of this, I wasn't actually looking to leave my current job. So, for all of you that thought that I was in a good place, I was. But this is an opportunity that I just can't turn down. I will be working with someone that I know, trust and like. The position is a substantial promotion from my current position. The salary is also a big leap. And to make things even more interesting, after a bit of getting into the swing of the job and the company, I will be working from home primarily.

I haven't yet given my notice for my current position, due to the fact that everyone that I could tell in an official capacity has been out of the office for the past week. And the big boss isn't even in this hemisphere. I should be able to talk to them on Monday or at least someone. I will be staying there at least until Thanksgiving. Since that is the tail end of the busy season, and it's 4 weeks from now, I think it's more than generous.

I have already talked to the others that do what I do. The three of us have been talking about how things could change as well as me giving them a heads up on the projects that I may still have hanging out there by then.

But to be honest, I have been feeling a bit weird about keeping all of this stuff to myself and not being hoenst to my colleagues. In fact when I was talking to a friend about this change the other day, she pointed out that I don't sound very excited about this. I realized that I'm not letting myself get excited in case it starts to ooze out in an inappropriate place before I can tell the right people.

But back to more changes, between my crazy landlady (who calls me constantly to tell me that she calls and not why), my lease being up at the end of the year, the new job with better money and the need for space at home in which I can work, I am going to look for a new apartment for the holidays. I'm hoping that with the holidays taking up the time of most renters, I might be able to get a good deal. So I'm taking any leads I can get for apartments that might be available December or January.

Friday, October 20


Well, I haven't had a whole lot o time to post lately. Partly because of my recent guests (Mom & Dad) and partly because I seem to be working a lot lately. Maybe it just seems that way, but that's enough or me.

So, I'll back track a bit. Mom and Dad came to visit earlier this month. Their stay included meeting a bunch of my pals and my coworkers (at both locations). We also had some really good food. They tried new cuisines and food including haggis and Irish Breakfast. We also managed to catch The Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, Statue of Liberty and Columbus Day Parade. I also got them tickets to see Jersey Boys. We got in some shopping - well enough to get Dad a new watch and Mom some clothes. Of course, there were souvenirs a plenty.

Aside from that, I have been thinking about some changes in my life. I have decided that I want to move out of my apartment when my lease is up. This has been confirmed by my land lady becoming a crazy stalker who leaves "messages" saying that she called me. Well, that was the first message. The follow up to that brilliant message was to threaten to send a "letter through a lawyer". But she never told me what it was that she needs from me or why she's calling. I tried to call back and got her machine. Since I haven't done anything, I have no idea what her problem is.

Well, I have to go to sleep now. I have a big day tomorrow and need to get sleep. There is a possibility that more changes may be in the works for me...