The World According to Marney

Sunday, December 26

Another Christmas Down

The Christmas weekend of 2004, for me, included 3 DVDs of Sports Night, much knitting, watching The Woodsman (Kevin Bacon's new movie about a child molester), watching Hotel Rwanda (an incredible movie with a LOT of genocide), more knitting, Chinese food and spending quality time with my ex-boyfriend. I guess it really adds up to a very strange holiday.

But on the bright side, I have a new sweater:

It's the cover pattern from the Spring 2004 Interweave Knits, as you can see here:

I got the yarn from the Smiley's Yarn Sale earlier this month. I scored a bag of Adriafil Jumping Classic for $25 (10 balls). Since I only needed about 7.5 balls, I got a MAJOR BARGAIN on this sweater. I am also working on a pair of socks with some of my Smiley's yarn, as well. If I keep at it, I should be wearing my socks during the ever colder weather that is already upon us.

In the mean time, I will be donning my newly knitted apparel tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 21

Happy Holidays to All, or something like that

Here I am, once again stuck between the hustle of getting all of the holiday hullabaloo into the schedule and not really having particular plans for the holidays. I know it seems strange. But then again, I am strange. I have managed to go to a minimal number of holiday parties so far, but still haven't been home much. I decided not to get gifts for anyone but family, and yet, I still can't muster the inspiration to buy things. And most of all, anyone receiving anything from me will be happy to extend the holiday long past the traditional season.

But I don't feel particularly bad about any of this. I am sitting here at my desk with the finally finished list for the cards being sent out by the office. If I'm not mistaken, it is December 21st. And though the cards are actually to celebrate the holiday I designated years ago as Kwa*Hanu*Mas, we are still pretty late with this project, considering the artwork for the cards has not been approved yet. The Hanu of Hanukkah has already passed. The Mas of Christmas is this weekend. The Kwa of Kwanzaa is about to begin this weekend, as well. Nothing like wishing happy holidays after the fact!

And to make things even more fun, we had our first snow accumulation of the season on Sunday night. It is mostly gone now, but the bitter cold is feeling at home. Yesterday, with highs in the teens and low twenties, I woke up to having no heat or hot water in my apartment. Don't you love winter? Happily, that has all been rectified now.

Alright, someday, I will get the hang of the holiday season, but I don't think it will be anytime soon. In the mean time, I will be indulging in Chinese food and movies once again this Christmas Day. I think conversion to Judaism is required if you spend more than 5 Christmases this way. Or as I was corrected, NEW YORK Judaism. Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I made you out of clay...

Tuesday, December 14

A bit of news

I just found out that I have been extended in my job for another month. I will be gainfully (although well overworked) until the end of January. And there is still the possibility of another month being tacked on after that. I won't hear about that until this time next month.

In the mean time, I have been very busy lately. Saturday, I found myself with some friends at Woodbury Commons Premium Outlet Center. There was much shopping in fabulous outlets for Coach, Kenneth Cole, BCBG, and MUCH MORE. So, for 7 hours, four of us spent some quality time saving large quantities of money on designer products. It was a nice break from the normal grind of Manhattan.

Sunday night was the holiday party for my office. It was much smaller than most years with only about 400 people or so. Not bad for an office that has about 50 employees.

Well, as for any more permanent employment, the jury is still out. The following careers have been pondered by me/suggested to me:

Teacher - Primary school in NYC
Teacher - English as a Foreign Language abroad
Office Manager/HR Manager
Editor - Print/Online
IT Professional (although I am not certified in anything)
Professional Knitter
Cult Leader

Of all of these suggestions, I am starting to lean toward the cult leader. I mean, let's face it, if I can maintain the charisma, the money will just follow. Now I just need to find something that will inspire people to give me money.

Wednesday, December 8

Random Bit of Info of the Day

I can talk to Lewis Black for free on my cell phone.

Mr. Black was upgrading his phone service/phone as I was upgrading my phone service/phone just this afternoon. And as I can talk to anyone else using my carrier, he would qualify.

I have officially lost my mind.