The World According to Marney

Thursday, October 31


Well, here I am. Stuck in the stuffy office when I should be wreaking havoc on the city. For the third year running, I am the only person on the floor that dressed up for Halloween. I am starting (well, not starting) to wonder why I am still here. Everyone here is a bunch of boring, corporate peons. But I'm not bitter.

In any case, I toned down my costume from my original design that did not make it past the planning stages (I will save it for next year). I, once again, fell back on an old costume. I have a lovely vampire bite on my neck, complete with blood dripping from the wounds. If only I had a camera. I'll see if I can find one sometime today. The biggest problem I have is with the blood getting on the neckline of my sweater. Well, that, and looking paler than I already am.

The sad thing about this city is in my mile long walk to work, only 3 people noticed my neck. One of them was the guy at the door of the drug store. He actually told me that I needed to do something about my neck. Conveniently, I was standing in a drug store. Maybe a band-aid will help with the bleeding of the carotid artery. I love the fact that when people notice, they need to point it out to me. You would think that I might be slightly aware of the open wound on my neck.

Anyway, I am planning on meandering down to the 29th Annual New York's Village Halloween Parade . I will be there to support Jackie and her gang. Provided, of course, that my un-deadness doesn't prohibit my from doing anything. I am really enjaying my new state of non-being. I told my boss that I may have to leave early in case I don't clot well.

Wednesday, October 30

Look what I have been up to!!!

Leopard Sock
This is the sock that I have been working on for my niece for Christmas. I have to admit that I have been a bit slow on picking this one up in a while. The stitch pattern was something I found in the Big Book of Knitting . I know that Hailee really likes the leopard print look. I had a really hard time finding the right colors. The gold is not as tawny as I was hoping to find. But, I guess this will work.

Cable Scarf
This is one of the Alpaca scarves that I started from my visit to upstate New York earlier this month. It is a real dream to work with. Very soft and fuzzy without being annoying. This pattern was from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Vintage Knits. Even the picture in the book was done in a rust colored alpaca. How could I turn that down.

Swirlie Scarf
This is the other Alpaca scarf from my visit to upstate New York. I tried to work cables into this yarn but the combination of the dark color and the fuzziness made them all disappear. MJ, the recipient, decided that she wanted a Celtic design on there. After many e-mails of suggestions, we both decided that the swirlies were simple yet cool. So I charted this pattern myself, offered up the contrasting colored yarn from my stash (what a good friend I am) and the rest is history. Basically, I am putting in the swirlies each time I join a ball of yarn. That makes them about equidistant. Not to mention, I don't have to think about the pattern.

Red Baby Sweater
This little Charlie Brown sweater is one of the two that I am making for my boss, who is expecting twins at the beginning of the year. The second one will be the slate blue with a red chevron stripe. I finished the back of the blue one last night at S-n-B. The pattern is an adaptation of a guernsey pattern in Knits for Babies and Toddlers . Jackie was the divine inspiration for the chevron pattern.

So, now that I have shared all of that, maybe I will get some of my completed stuff up on my Gallery page. Slowly but surely, I will share more pictures.

Tuesday, October 29

Exciting news! We finally have a scanner here at the office. I will start staying a bit late to do a little scanning of my own to share picures of my projects and such.

Not much knitting got done last night. But I did manage to get the sweater completely sewn. I am a little upset by the fit of the sleeves. This is a sweater with a side button placket on the collar. The pattern calls for one side to have 10 extra rows on the front, before the button band is started. This makes the front of the sweater lop sided. I think I may have to take out the front and shorten the side. Maybe I read the pattern wrong but I don't think so. I think I need to have the eyes of my S-n-B buddies to reassure me that I am not missing anything, or maybe that I am.

In any case, I have already started the back of the second sweater. Better to get the pattern straightened out before I have to repeat it. At this rate, I should have both sweaters finished by next week. Just in time for me to buckle down and write my novel. Man, that is something that is nagging me a bit. I am not sure what is actually going to happen with that. How am I going to manage to get 1666 words out each day? Well, I suppose I'll find a way. Maybe thais means that I will be a little less frequent in my blogging. Have to save all my words for the book, right!?!?

OK, I am going to get back to settling into my new space here at the office. The excitement is overwhelming.

Monday, October 28

Where to begin? I have just spent the past 2 1/2 hours unpacking my desk at the office. I have decided to take a break and use my brain for a while. Not only that, but I think all of my nails are officially broken. I wonder if I can expense a manicure?

Anyway, I spent much of the weekend in my apartment. I have not been feeling totally up to my usual perky self lately. I think it is mostly the change in weather wreaking havoc on my head. Well, it gave me a chance to spend quality time on the baby sweaters. I have one almost totally finished. All I have to do is sew up one side and get buttons. Very cute. I'll finish sewing tonight and bring it in for show and tell tomorrow at S-n-B.

Well, I think I should probably get back to my unpacking. It's amazing that I have so much stuff to unpack since we have only been in our previous location (downstairs) for 11 months and prior to that, we had NOTHING. What if my nails get so torn up that I can't knit tomorrow night?!?! I better watch out.

Friday, October 25

I have officially made up for lost knitting time last night. I found a pattern for a guernsey in Knits for Babies and Toddlers that has a plain stockinette body and a nice ribbed/rolled collar and cuffs. It is perfect for adding the suggested Charlie Brown stripe. I managed to get through one back and the beginning of the front of the red one with the slate blue stripe. I don't think I will put tho stripe on the sleeves. The even better news is I will have enough yarn to make matching hats and socks.

Oh, question came up about my sanity for knitting so much for a boss that I have only had for 4 days. Let me explain that I have worked with Lionel for the past three years. He was a regional coordinator in Chicago up until last week. It is not that I just met him and found out that there was an opportunity for knitting. I am not that much of a knitting ho! Close, but not quite.

I am hoping to get one of the sweaters finished over the weekend. Maybe. Could you imagine if I actually had a knitting machine? I would be able to make a sweater in 10 minutes! Well, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

So I am trying very hard to figure out what I show write in my novel. There is so much swimming around in my head. I have friends trying to get me to do a Broadway exposé. I don't know how interesting that would be. Maybe I just need to do spring cleaning of my brain and empty everything out before I start sorting. I guess that is really what NaNoWriMo is all about. I have also found other outlets for my writing once November is over. I am really going to try to get back into all of this.

Does anyone else see me severely overcompensating in creative avenues, i.e. knitting like a maniac, plans for writing a novel in a month? Could this have something to do with the extrodinarily anti-creative life that I have been sucked into against my will? But I am not bitter. At least I have not lost my sarcasm.

Thursday, October 24

So, in lieu of knitting or making extra money last night, I found myself having a great time at Caroline's Comedy Club. The head liner was Nick DiPaolo. I had seen him a few times on TV. Half of the fun of a comedy club is the crowd. Well, I was sitting next to a couple from the Oregon Coast. (Go PNW!!) Such a small world. And, no Mom, I did not strike up a conversation with them. The woman was having serious Children of the Corn tendencies. Yikes!!

Oh, I do need to tell you about my fortune cookie fortune that I got last night. After explaining about my Karma Clensing phase that I am going through (Charity walks, volunteering, etc.) because things are just not going my way, I open the cookie to read Do not follow the instructions of this fortune. So I can't even rely on the cheesiness of a fortune to give me guidance in my wayward existance. But, on the back, shere they have the "Speak Chinese" phrase, the hateful fortune writers decided that I need to know how to say I need money in Chinese.

Yesterday left me in a strange spot at work. I sat down with my new boss to fill out my performance review. As it was his 3rd day working with me, he basically let me fill it out myself. Like I am going to say bad things about me! Then he told me that he saw me moving back into a position of meeting planning for our department. This brought me much joy and happiness. Well, that was until I realized that the decision wasn't up to him entirely and there is MUCH red tape in the company that will be stopping that from happening. Well, we'll see. On the other hand, the supervisor of the department I am technically supposed to be a part of is really itching to get me to move over into that position right away. I just keep laughing about it all. To be in such great demand without having much of a say in my own future, is both an ego-boost and a horrifying experience.

Alas, no more work talk here. I am here to discuss my obsessions. So, I want to make 2 baby sweaters for my new boss who is expecting twins (a boy and a girl) in a couple of months. I want to do something in a striped pattern that is not just plain stripes. I also wanted to do something a little different for them that have the same colors. I have some Cotton Fleece in Blue Slate and Cherry Moon. Definitely not typical baby colors. Any suggestions for similar but definitely not the same baby sweater patterns?

Wednesday, October 23

Last night at S-n-B, I started out with the intention of working on the leopard sock. I really did want to get that well under way. So I turned the heel and picked up stitches for the gusset. Then it hit me, I am doing a pattern with 16 stitches/needle and I now have 21 stitches on two of my needles. This requires thought to adapt the stitch pattern before I finsh decreasing. Right. Yeah, that didn't last long. So I put away the sock away for what had clearly turned into sock night. (I think I counted about 6 or 7 in our couch-area.) Out came the alpaca cable scarf, until I realized that counting within a conversation is a bit distracting. So that one went away. As I pulled out my third project (another alpaca scarf in stockinette with swirlies), people started to ask how many projects I actually was working on, let alone brought with me. Is it crazy to have multiple projects in varying degrees of complexity? Sometimes you just need to have something simple (i.e. while chatting, in a movie theatre, walking down the street), while sometimes you need to be challenged, right?!?! Anyway, I got at least a bit done on each of the projects.

Tonight is the night of my previous dilemma. In case you became very concerned with the innerworkings of my social life and such, I did make a decision. I realized that I had already made a commitment to Mr. Peanutbutter. I had to honor that even if that meant I would miss out on making a bit of cash. So, I will be living it up tonight at Caroline's Comedy Club. I'm sure it will be a fun evening.

On more fascinating notes (who am I fooling???), I have decided to get back into the swing of writing. Well, maybe swing isn't the right word. I plan on writing a short novel in the month of November. Have I gone insane, you may ask. Well, no, I have been for years. I have just decided to give NaNoWriMo a try. That's right, I am attempting to write 50,000 words in the month of November in order to get these words out of my head. I am starting to run out of space up there. We'll see how long this lasts. I hope I can keep it up. Not to mention, I noticed that my November calendar was a bit empty so I needed to fill it up some how!

Tuesday, October 22

Today is starting out as a good day. I'm not really sure why but I'm not complaining. Maybe it's because I feel like I am getting close to the end of my holiday presents. I am at the heel of sock #1 for Hailee. I am a little worried that the stranding in the back of the stitches (they are leopard print) will make the socks rather tight for her. There is a little stretch but not a whole lot. Well, at least they will stay up!

On a more personal note, I have to make a decision about tomorrow night. I am supposed to go out with someone that I don't have a vested interest in, let's call him Mr. Peanutbutter (a long story that may some day be worth repeating, but I doubt it). At this point, I have already told him that I will go and I think he bought tickets to a comedy club. It should be a nice time. On the other hand, I found out that I have the opportunity to make a little extra ca$h working in a Broadway theatre (prefered choice). I haven't heard from Mr. Peanutbutter since last week so I really don't know if this is firmed up or not. If I don't hear from him today by the afternoon, should I bail on him for lack of confirmation? I would call but since he stopped calling me 5 months ago, I got rid of his numbers. (Again, I would tell the story, but it really is not interesting.) I know, I should just suck it up and do the honorable thing and good-bye to the cash. Maybe I can convince Tony (the Broadway connection) to work something out for another night. Fine, you have guilted me into being nice and following through with my promises. Man you put up a good arguement.

Well, I think I may stop off at Downtown Yarns today on my way to S-n-B. I would like to pick up some yarn to make something for my new boss's soon-to-be-born twins. Maybe some matching hats and sweaters. They are a boy and a girl. I think that could be absolutely adorable.

Monday, October 21

Saturday morning, I stumbled out of my apartment far too early for a Saturday to head over to East Harlem for New York Cares Day. Jackie and I joined the Morgan Stanley team to set up a mini "Barnes and Noble" for a high school for teen mothers. It was quite an undertaking. There were thousands of books that needed to be sorted and arranged.

Sunday morning, I, again, stumbled out of my apartment far too early for a Sunday to head over to Central Park to participate in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. My friend Roberta recruited me to join her company (ABC/Disney) team. Unfortunately, she bruised a tendon in her foot only days earlier. That meant that she offered to help but couldn't actually walk. So, I made it through the entire 5 miles at my own pace, which was rather nice, actually. Then we met up at the finish line.

The good news is: I raised about $150 for breast cancer research, I helped young mothers access a library full of books, and I walked away with 2 brand new t-shirts. The down side is: my legs hurt, my neck is sore, and I only recently got my sinuses cleared from the dirt and dust. Oh, and I didn't get a whole lot of knitting done. I did finish the alpaca/silk gloves for Roberta. I even gave them to her on Sunday. I also attempted to make Vinter Lue that Theresa designed for Of course, my gauge was totally off and the hat did not fit my head. So, I tore it out and will try something else.

This week is starting to look like another crazy week for me. My new boss starts here today. I have another interview this afternoon, as well. Oh, and don't forget the weekly quality time with my godson, Ty. At least there is something good to look forward to this evening. I feel like I haven't seen much of Ty, especially now that he needs to have friendly people around him.

Friday, October 18

This is a bit of a late day post for me. Sorry to not chime in earlier. I spent much of the morning dealing with recruiters, changing resumes and that kind of stuff. I went on interview #987432 at lunch time today. I have totally lost my perspective an whther or not it went well. You tell me how I should take this. The woman scheduled interviews in half hour slots throughout the entire day. I think I was the last one before her lunch break. She found out I was on my lunch break and shortened it to an info session about the company. She was very harsh and specific about the company and positions available leaning more on the disciplinary side of things than any positive aspects of anything.

I have also noticed a trend in very small financial companies seeking to grow right now. I have interviewed with many finance companies in the 30 employees and under catagory, including the one today with a total of 9 in the staff.

Now, you may be asking, what does all of this have to do with knitting. Well, the answer is nothing. I didn't get much of an opportunity to break out the needles yesterday. Busy girl, busy girl. Tonight may be iffy, too.

Tonight is the Second Annual 1 Month After September 11th Party for the Insurance Department of Morgan Stanley. Yes, it sounds weird, but there is a good reason for all of this. Back when we worked in the World Trade Center, there were about 90 employees in the Insurance Department that all lived on the same floor. As we were trying to find homes for the displaced employees, our department got split up, a few times. Last year, a month after the buildings fell, one of my co-workers put together a party to get the department together again. For most of us, we hadn't seen our co-workers in a month and didn't know if they were alive. It was a fabulous celebration of life and camaraderie. (There were no fatalities in our department and everyone made it out safely.) A year later, the department is still separated between Manhattan and Jersey City. We don't have the same connection to each other due to location. In our minds, we are all still in the same place and working together as closely as before. I think it will be a really good time.

Thursday, October 17

I am officially in a foul mood today. I have been battling the phone company to get my home phone line repaired for almost a month now. The latest irate phone call closed with the phone company rep telling me that a technician will be fixing my line no later than the 15th. Well, it is the 17th and I still have major problems with my phone. Now I need to scream at people higher up on the food chain at the phone company to get it fixed. This does not make me happy at all. Why is it that companies can run on incompetance? Their one job is to make sure that phone lines function properly. They can't even manage to do that. If I did my job like the way they do theirs, I would have been fired a long time ago.

Rant over.

Well, I did get quite a bit finished on one of the scarves last night. I got through the second color pattern. Also, I worked on the second alpaca glove. After realizing that I will be seeing the recipient of the gloves this Sunday, I thought it would be nice to give them to her then. I think I have really fallen in love with them myself. They are an alpaca/silk blend that is so soft and warm. Definitely a wonderful way to keep your hands warm when the weather starts to get bad.

Wednesday, October 16

The S-n-B last night had a suspiciously small turn out. After reports of last week having record numbers of people (I was not there last week), I started to wonder if these phenomina were realated to me! Not that I think the world revolves around me but it should.

I got quite a bit done on my various scarves. They are both coming along very nicely. I am a little concerned that they will both be a bit short. I have a total of 440yd for each of them but I think that will only make them about 4 feet long, each. I guess that is not a terribly short scarf but it is not as long as I would like them to be. I guess I will discuss that with the recipients when I have a better idea as to how long they will be.

I also worked on my leopard print socks for my niece. I think they will be very cool. I hope she still like the leopard print thing by the time Christmas comes around. It's hard to tell what is cool with 8-year-olds these days.

Monday, October 14


As I was looking through my office supply catalog today, I found something that could be used as a great tool for chart reading knitters. I am a big fan of the Post It method of following a chart or pattern. Well, being mobile, I frequently forget to throw some in my bag. Here is a great portable Post It solution.

I was reading about this strange half breed of needles that are out there in the world. They are circular needles that has a knitting needle on one side and a crochet hook on the other. It is called a Cro-Needle and are made by Addi. The best I can tell, they only come in one size, 3.0 (US 2) knitting needle and a 2.0 metric (C) crochet hook. I can see how that would be good for picking up stitches and weaving in ends as you go along. That may have to be a future investment.

I don't really have a lot to report on my personal knitting. I hope to get much done tonight, though.

I got a picture af the recipient of my hat and sweater from earlier on this year. This is Conner Goodwin. He is the son of one of my oldest friends, Emmy. I can't help but post his picture. He is such a cutie!

I am happy to say that I did get some knitting in over the weekend. I have been trying to chart one of several celtic knot designs for a scarf made of the alpaca from the town upstate. My first try did not come out well. Right now I have a simple swirly based on this design. I only got about three swirlies on the edge. I am thinking about putting about 4 sets of swirlies evenly spaced on the scarf, the rest in plain stockinette.

I also got a little further on the cable scarf, started the second alpaca glove, and decided to make glow-in-the-dark scrunchies for my neices for Halloween. So productive I am. Believe it or not, I didn't stay inside all weekend, either. I made it out to Loser's Lounge for the Elvis Costello tribute. That was a lot of fun, even the psycho artwork that graced our table!! I am already looking forward to the Simon and Garfunkle Loser's Lounge that is coming up in December.

Friday, October 11

I spent much of my evening last night trying to make cables show up on dark gray, alpaca yarn. After about 7 attempts ranging from simple to complex, I realized it was fruitless. But at least I gave it the old college try.

I also labeled the fruit caps that I am sending out to the West Coast. I made these cute little tags that give the size and fiber content. How nice am I? These hats ar going out the the left coast today. I only got 10 of them finished in time. I guess I can start now for next year if it goes well.

Thursday, October 10

Not much to talk about today. I saw Hairspray last night. For all the hype that this show has around it, I was not all that blown away. I actually liked the movie better. Don't get me wrong, Harvey Fierstein was wonderful and a great actor to live up to Divine. Even though this was one of John Waters's more mainstream pieces, I think the Broadway stage allows the mainstream to really stand out. Nevertheless, it is a fun show that leaves everyone tapping their toes and feeling good about themselves.

Not much knitting to report. Tonight is a night for me to get some work done on the scaves and get the fruit hats ready to send them to the west coast.

Wednesday, October 9

Last night I went to see Movin' Out on Broadway. I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed that show. Of course, I am a self proclaimed Dance/Broadway snob. I should qualify those statement by saying that I am a big Twyla Tharp fan and I love dance. This story is told primarily through the dancing with some exposition in the music. Michael Cavanaugh who sang all of the songs and played the piano was amazing. I know there were people in the audience that didn't know what they were getting into with this show. There are no lines outside of the songs. There is no acting outside of the dance. It was really very beautiful. I would go see it again.

Don't get me wrong, I picked up my needles at intermission to work on a scarf. Movie theatres, Broadway theatres, where ever I can get a few stitches in.

Tonight, I am off to see Hairspray (flash site). Maybe I should start my own review blog.....

Tuesday, October 8

Big news of the day is Marney cut off all her hair! Sadly I have no camera to show you a picture but I hope to get my hands on one soon. The hair that used to be down to the middle of my back now barely brushes my shoulders. It's not entirely what I wanted but it is a good cut for me. I also got suckered into highlights. Now I have a buch truer red streaked in my copper locks. It makes the color much more rich. All in all, I think I like the new look. But that means I will actually have to pay attention to my hair now. No more just throwing it back because I don't want to deal with it.

In knitting news, I am not going to be at S-n-B tonight. Yesterday, I was offered a ticket to see the new Billy Joel/Twyla Tharp musical, Movin' Out. I really couldn't say no to this one. Thank you again, Juan for thinking of me. Well, I guess that I can always knit during intermission and befor the show starts.

last night, I worked on both of the alpaca scarves I have been commissioned to make. I think they will both be very pretty. One is a rust color with cables and ribbing. The other is a stone gray knit on the bias in garter. Of course, I have not really talked with the recipients to see if that is what they wanted. Maybe I should do that before I get too far into these projects.

Monday, October 7

After much grumbling and whining, Mother Nature has finally started to give us Autumn around here. Although, this Saturday, we had MAJOR reservations about it. The 85 degree weather broke in the afternoon on Saturday which made the group trip upstate a bit more special. I went up to Applewood Orchards with my buddies to celebrate Ayelet's birthday by picking apples. That's right, the city girls put down their cosmos and cell phones (kind of) long enough to pick a few Golden Delicious. YUM!!

After our very "fruitful" (yes, I went there) trip to the orchard, we went into the little crafty town of Sugar Loaf. There was a little shop who's sign had a picture af an alpaca on it. Well, being the suckers for fiber that we are, Jackie and I had to stop in. Low and behold, they had balls of 100% alpaca and alpaca/silk blends for as low as $5. Needless to say, everyone bought yarn. I now have 4 projects from one store! Ayelet, your scarf has been started, Roberta, I finished one glove already and MJ, I am working on the pattern for your scarf.

On Sunday, Jackie and I meandered over to the Knit Out in Union Square Park. I have to admit, it was not entirely what I expected. I thought there would be more knitting and less milling. But nevertheless, I had a good time. The line of people who wanted to learn to knit and crochet was tremendously long. It never seemed to get any smaller. I was also a bit disappointed that so many local stores were not represented. There are SO many new yarn stores in New York City so I could understand that they couldn't spread themselves too thin. But there were some others that should have shown face.

Friday, October 4

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me. In the afternoon, I went to the memorial service for the wife of the president of my former company. Betsy Friday was really an amazing lady. The service was really beautiful. I think that the theatre world really knows how to celebrate the life of someone within the community. I am still all choked up from it all.

After that, I met up with some of my current co-workers to say good-bye to my (now former) boss. She left the company for a better job that will allow her to spend much more time with her kids. I can't blame her for that, by any means. But it definitely made for a rather emotional day for me. I guess I am feeling much of the after effects of yesterday today. Add the dreary weather and I am not much more than a big old mess.

No knitting yesterday. I will probably hole up tonight and knit until my hands bleed. Or until I pass out from emotional exhaustion. Either way.

Thursday, October 3

Scarf is finished! I am very happy to have my pseudo-lacy, black, alpaca scarf. The problem is that it is still summer outside. I am really ready for summer to be over. It is time for the weather to change. I'm not saying that it should start snowing (although I am really looking forward to snow this year) but it should be a bit cooler around here.

Last night was our monthly book club meeting. I think it was probably one of the best gatherings we have had thus far. There were only 2 of the 6 of us that had not finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I enjoyed reading this one. Although the book is all about a girl who was raped and murdered, it really had a theme of healing and hope.

Afterwards, I went home and continued on the Cat Sock. (I have decided that is the name I will give this project.) It is coming along nicely. I have also found other remnants of yarn in similar weight that can be added to my stripes. I have been thinking about maybe making a pouch inside the sock for catnip or something like that. Then again, that may lead these monsters to tearing up the whole thing. I am also thinking of tying longer strings on the inside (not the ones that need to be woven in) so they can entertain themselves.

Wednesday, October 2

I did get quite a bit of knitting done last night. I am almost finished with Dad's Christmas present. I also worked on my Alpaca scarf. Both will probably be finisheb by the end of the week. So, that means that my current/pending project list is (not in any particular order):

1. Cat bag - started and goes pretty quickly
2. Brother-in-law Christmas present - not started
3. Leopard Print Socks for Hailee - not started
4. Barbie Bathrobe - only sleeve and collar left
5. More Fruit Hats - eternal project (I think my needles can make these hats by themselves now.)

Maybe I should find a nice big sweater project to keep me busy for a while. Not to mention, winter weather is going to be here soon, in theory at least. Of course, it's supposed to be 85 degrees here on this second day of October. Maybe we won't have to worry about bundling up again this winter.

Tuesday, October 1

I anticipate getting in a lot of knitting time today. Not only is it Tuesday, thus S-n-B, but I have an afternoon full of appointments that will warrent waiting room time. On top of that, I will be getting out early enough to make it an early day but not early enough to warrent going back to work. Maybe I will head over to Union Square Park and knit in the 80 degree weather this afternoon. That's right, I will be the one knitting a scarf in the summer weather. Nobody ever claimed that I did anything normal.

I worked on the cat tube last night. I have decided just to wing the pattern and see how it goes. Right now, it is striped in a light-medium blue, dark rose, forest green, medium gray and chestnut. The stripes are all different widths to add a bit of variety. Actually, as I was working on it last night, George decided to sit on my lap. So, I put his head in the middle and knit around him. In the mean time, Nekko attacked my yarn. I guess they are already claiming this.

I also found out that after not being able to use it since December, my computer is fixed! Now, I just have to wait until I can afford to pick it up. (Probably in the next week.) That means I will be able to blog from home, get my person e-mail without going to the library, access all of my pictures and all that good stuff. This makes me VERY happy.