The World According to Marney

Sunday, August 29

They Have Arrived

This weekend welcomed the throng of protestors here in NYC. I haven't really noticed an influx of Republican delegates, but the protests are in every part of the city.

Last night as I made my way to a party in Jersey City, I ran into a couple of protests around the World Trade Center site, including bicycles with bells. Today was the big march through midtown. I managed to stick close to home. I heard a little while ago that there was about 200 arrests today. But considering there were supposed to be 250,000 people here, that's not so bad.

Now I hear all kinds of explosions outside. I don't know if they are fireworks or something else. I really hate the fact that this convention is here. I don't feel safe here and I don't like the fact that we, as a city, are being used as a political ploy. I have turned on the news, but since there are no major reports, that must mean that there are fireworks in the Hudson river. I am really ready for it to be all over. Unfortunately, it hasn't really begun.

I haven't talked much about my projects lately. Well, I have all of the pieces for the second baby sweater finished. I was going to sew them up today, but that didn't happen. My birthday sweater is midway through the second sleeve. I haven't been working on it lately, since it has been so warm. My beanbag has 2 1/4 panels finished. I have the old jeans lined up and ready to go. The rest of my projects have really been on hold.

Okay, I 'm pretty sure that these loud bangs are fireworks, but that does not make me feel any better. In fact, I really want them to stop, NOW!

Saturday, August 21

I got a New Bike

One of my coworkers decided to sell her fancy mountain bike (as it was only hanging in her kitchen for the past couple of years). So, I thought it would be the right time to strike out on a new exercise adventure. That's right, Marney now has wheels. This is the closest I have come to in owning a car.

I did learn one thing. When there is 9,000% humidity, it is not the best time to ride a bike. I am a bit beyond sweaty, right now.

So, my new bike is a Marin Muirwood in a metalic geen. Very fancy. So, that means that I also went out and got the hard core chain that weighs as much as the bike. So, maybe I'll go for a bit of a ride a little later.

So, the interview went well yesterday, but there may be an issue with the time frame of the project that is creating this available position. I guess we'll see.

Friday, August 20

When is an Opening not an Opening?

Last night was the Opening of Dracula on Broadway. My initial invitation came with a plea from my friend Aaron that he didn't want to partake in the opening. Basically, he is tired of going to big theatre parties where he can't spend time with his partner, who is the organizer of these parties. Being the ver understandable are sympathetic friend, I agreed to dinner and a movie in lieu of the party, provided I could see the show on another night. But these plans transformed to include the party after the show, which, of course, defeats the purpose of the original complaint.

So that is what I did. I had a lovely dinner, went to the movies (by the way, go see Garden State - it's fabulous) and then went to the party. I don't think I have ever been to an opening not having seen the show at all. There have been times when I didn't see the show on that night, but I had at least seen it. It was a bit strange to not be able to comment on something that everyone assumes you have seen.

In any case, to make a long story short, I didn't get home until after 1AM this morning. To make things more fun, I have an interview today. So, keep your fingers crossed. I have to run to the office now, and pretend that I work there, which is all I seem to do these days, pretend.

Tuesday, August 17

All work and no play makes Marney a dull girl

I'm sorry that I haven't been doing much updating. Things have been busy in the World According to Marney. I feel like I am always working these days. Between the office, which is turning into a 3-ring circus, and the theatre which is taking up much more of my time than usual, I don't have a whole lot of time or energy to do much. When I do have time off, either I have to cram in errands and meeting up with neglected friends, or I go into hibernation mode.

And then there's the knitting. I have been reduced to only working on project at the theatre or just before I go to sleep.

Since last I spoke to you, I have made a bit of progress on my birthday sweater (but my camera is at home and I am currently not, so no pictures right now). The body and one sleeve are finished; sleeve #2 is about 1/2 finished. I did send the yellow baby sweater and socks off to the baby (that still isn't here) of my co-worker. The green one is on hold a bit as I try to collect my thoughts.

Lastly, project #895732398-A is a bean bag chair. For all of you Rowan subscribers, it is the free pattern from last March. There are 3 knit panels and 3 panels made from old jeans. Not only is the a practical project, but it deeply rooted in recycling. And moreover, I need a comfy chair for my computer. Who says I'm not practical?