The World According to Marney

Wednesday, November 29

Busy Week - and it's only Wednesday

Well, I think of all of the weeks that I have lived through, this is definitely one of the most change filled. At least in the top ten. Perhaps only beaten by birth, the move to New York and puberty.

Monday was my last day at Rogen. It was a tough last day that I couldn't truly relish in the relinquishing of my job. I spent most of the day training my replacement who was finally confirmed hours before the Thanksgiving holiday began. I did spend my lunch hour with all of my colleagues at Havana NY. There was a rousing game of "what about Marney will I miss most". It was very sweet and a bit disturbing. I also went out with drinks with Gus, who is in total denial that I'm gone. I think he is trying to convince himself that I'm on vacation or something.

Well, I made it through that day without too much trouble. But my next task was to find a new place to live. And Tuesday, I did just that.

I signed a lease on an apartment here. It was the only apartment that I looked at in person, but definitly not the only one I checked out on line. It's a 2BR with all new appliances including a washer, dryer and dishwasher. You can't beat that with a stick. Now I need to figure out how and when I'm going to get over there.

Today, I spent most of the day relishing my state of non-employment. There was much lingering around the apartment with the kitties.

I think tomorrow will include a journey to Smiley's Yarn Riot which is taking place on 57th Street. This will be the last year that I'll be within walking distance of this sale.

On Friday, I have a date to The Awesome 80s Prom. Since I only went to 3 proms during high school, I think I need to add another one. This is also a celebration of some December birthdays for friends of mine. (Anyone in the area that wants to go, let me know and I'll get you the details for the discounted tickets.)

Next week will be another busy one. Monday is my first day at my new job. Tuesday is Peter's birthday. I don't think I have mapped out the rest of the week, but I think it ends with one of Peter's friends fromm Baltimore staying in town. But that may work out best for me, since I might be able to get some packing done...

Saturday, November 18

I'm still here

i'm sorry if I've been a bit lax in posting. Things have been a bit hectic lately between trying to get everything cleaned up at work before I go, starting a search for a new apartment, and juggling all of the rest of my crazy life. I have been sick for the past week, either a really bad cold or a mild flu. It hasn't been easy to get things finalized a work when I was in home in bed.

I just left Peter and Gus (my colleague) in line at the Toys"R"Us - Times Square waiting for the Wii-lease of the Nintendo Wii. There is a bit of a to-do down there and I am very happy that I am not waiting with them. It should be much less painful than Friday's PS3 launch. That doesn't mean I want to wait from 6PM to midnight with thousands of other gamers in the middle of Times Square. But then again, I have made it past 30, so I'm a bit of a stick in the mud.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I'll be heading down with Peter to spend it with his family in Maryland and Virginia. It will be nice to finally meet the rest of his family. I'm looking forward to it. I met his mom and her fiance in June when that came up for a weekend visit.

So the next couple of weeks are destined to be very full. My last day at Rogen is the Monday after Thanksgiving. I start at Ultra-Mar on December 4th. Between those dates, I plan on looking at apartments and hopefully, signing a new lease. No word on where yet, just trying to get out of this place.

Maybe there will be time to rest in December...