The World According to Marney

Thursday, September 28

Exciting Knitting News

I just found out that I may have my own knitting pattern published. I have been working on a blanket that is pretty easy to make and full of colors. This would be for a new Stitch 'n Bitch book that is dedicated to color. This would be my first published pattern!!! I am very excited about this.

I think this is the next step in my growth as a knitter. I've managed to tackle most patterns I have come across. I have been interviewed for a magazine and a tv show. I hae knit up items for 2 books, Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook and Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. Also, I have knit items for retail and for individuals on consignment. I have more sweaters than I need. I have also made more items out of yarn than are truly necessary. So, it makes sense that I get into the design aspect of it all.

Friday, September 22

Good Times!

Last night, I got to experience one more taping of the Colbert Report. Life is good! The best part about it, of course with the exception of the company of Peter, Angela and Tim, were the 2 freaks that managed to get into the front row of the audience. Two girls donning as much pro-USA garb and paraphernalia as two college girls can don. Including the hand drawn eagle on their arms, the red, white and blue ribbons in their hair. They screamed, shreiked and shook with excitement at seeing Stephen Colbert. It was HI-LARIOUS!!!!! Not to mention, it freaked out pretty much everyone as they came out on stage. Stalker alert!

Not much else to chat about today. Have to leave one job to go to the other, so there's not much time right now.

Friday, September 15

I survived another year

The saying that time heals all wounds is not entirely accurate. I think this can only be the case if you are given time away from the situation. And being here in NYC, it is very hard to get away from the World Trade center. We hear about the World Trade Center Site Memorial almost every day. Constant coverage of health effects and what the governemt is and isn't doing about it. There is the World Trade Center Health Registry (which I actually am a part of) sending out notices about problems and issues that may be health related. And there isn't a moment that we don't hear from the family members of the desceased.

Then if you move into the political sphere, you have the President starting a war in the name of this disaster (which only recentlyhe admitted were not directly related). The entire world has now been moved to a "Post 9/11" environment. New in compentant government agencies have been created in the name of this disaster. Every candidate makes this an issue (health, security, widows and children, aggression, etc.)

Then there is entertainment. The trailer for World Trade Center made me become hysterical in a movie theatre. There's no way I was going to watch The Path to 9/11. And we can't forget the exploitation of the other areas that were part of the destruction with United 93.

I am still waiting to get to the part when I can experience time away from this tragedy. Maybe someday...

Monday, September 11

Horrible Anniversary

I want to thank you all for your thoughts today. Just to let you know, I am choosing to hibernate a bit today. I'm working from home and surrounding myself with things that can distract me from every moment of news, broadcasting and conversation today.

I thought that I would be okay today until yesterday when I couldn't stop crying in the morning and really couldn't get the cloud from over my head.

So, forgive me for being a bit of a hermit. If you try to give me a call/email, I may just let it go to voice mail/sit in the inbox. But I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a bit easier to get through.

Thursday, September 7

Laboring since Labor Day

After a wonderful long weekend in Canada, I feel like every moment of this week has been at work. I guess it must be to make up for the long weekend, but after three work days, I am officially exhausted.

Let me go back to recount my adventures in Montreal. Peter and I met up in Montreal on Friday. He had been in Toronto for a few days before, since he had much more vacation time than me. I think I spent more time in the airport before my flight than I did in the air! Who knew that Montreal was just a 50 minute flight from here.

We wandered around without too much direction. Although, we did happen to be there during Festival des Films du Monde(World Film Festival of Montreal). We also caught Musée McCord Museum and Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (which happened to be across the street from the hotel).

The biggest adventure was getting back to NYC. Let me just say that I think I may have sworn off cabs altogether because of the inconsiderate drivers at 1:00AM on Monday morning. And I think I'll try not to fly into Newark so late that the train doesn't run regularly anymore.

Anyway, back in NYC, there has been much working and toiling. But the most fun happened this morning as I was trying to embark on work. I was about to walk out the door to head off to work when I noticed that there was something blocking my way. Oh, that would be the lock that decided not to unlock from the inside. Yes, only Marney can be locked INSIDE her apartment.

I tried to call the super. His phone had been disconnected. After a NASTY conversation with the landlady last week, I didn't want to think about calling her. So I called Peter, at work. Being the true knight in shining armor that he is, he flew down to my apartment to rescue me. All that needed to be done was to unlock the door with the key from the outside. And I was sprung - only an hour late for work. Oh well, at least I got some more quality time with my kitties.

I thought I had plenty of things to keep me out of trouble. But I guess I can even find a way to cause a ruckus.

Wednesday, September 6

They will stop at nothing...

Knit Lite Knitting Needles

Need I say more???