The World According to Marney

Tuesday, April 26

Decisions, decisions

Today, after meeting with the support staff of a very reputable company that would have offered me a decent salary, great benefits and a fabulous environment, I decided that I would be rather unchallenged and ultimately bored with the workload and have nothing to inspire me to go further, as the promotion path only goes one level up to the exciting role of Executive Assistant. So, I decided that taking a job for a bit less money but more variety in work and a career path that sounds intriguing is a better situation for me.

So, here's the scoop:

I will be the new Customer Service Assistant for Rogen. It is a business training and strategy company. This is the company that offered the presentation skills seminar to me last week. After seeing them in action, I really felt good about what the company stands for and does. I have met with about half of the consulting staff already as well as the person that is doing the entire job that I will be sharing. One of the things that I really like about this situation is that they are tailoring the position to my abilities. They were originally looking for a junior person to do this job, but since they saw what I have done, they have reconsidered and decided to pass on more responsibility to me as they are growing in other directions. I love that they have given me a promotion before I even started.

So, that's the news. I start my new job on Monday and will give you updates as I have them.

Monday, April 25

Still waiting

Well, when I talked to my recruiter about my pending offer, she informed me that there is another company that is interested in seeing me again. I went to see them on Friday and they want me to go back in tomorrow. So, I have postponed my decision for yet another day. I guess that means that I am still in limbo. But at least I have a new hair cut that makes me feel better. It's not much, but it's something.

I going to go back to knitting, since that has much less pressure than the rest of the world.

So, maybe more news tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, April 24

Change in the weather

I was joking with my friends that the beautiful weather we have been having here in the NYC area was directly connected to my unemployment. More so, the last day that was rainy and yucky was my last day of employment, and as soon as the weather turned back, I would have a job. Well, strangely enough, things are starting to look like that might be right. For the past 3 weeks, we had beautiful, sunny, clear weather and Marney without a job. Friday, when things started to turn meteorologically, I actually got myself a job offer.

Well, don't jump for joy quite yet. Although this position is the one of all of them I have interview for (and there were quite a few) that I liked the most, this one came in with the smallest salary offer by quite a bit. So, instead of jumping in and saying absolutely, I have asked to have the weekend to make the "right" decision. Since I really hate to negotiate money, I am in a bit of a pickle. I think I will have to at least try to so that on Monday when I call back. But I think that in the end, I would rather take a pay cut to work somewhere that would make me happy than to make more money in a place that would make me miserable. I will give more details about the job once I make it all official.

So, since I haven't really been posting much, I should also share with you what I have been doing. Mostly, I have been interviewing like a crazy person. I had 5 interviews last week and 2 full days of seminars (which were connected to the job offer). That means that there wasn't a single day that I wasn't "on." So, right now, I am trying to rest up as best I can.

On Monday, I have made plans with a friend to do a little bit of pampering. Both of us being unemployed are in a little need for some extra attention. I got suckered into a promotional thing for one of the salons in the city. You pay a small amount and get a dozen treatments as a chance for the salon to get their name out there. Well, the guy who suckered me, felt bad about my lack of income, so he gave me 2 of these promotional things for the price of one. So, I am sharing it with a fellow un-employee.

Thursday, April 7

Fun Project already finished

Not bad for a quickie. I think I spent about 3-4 hours on this scarf, 4 skeins and a simple pattern. It's a solid 6 feet long. Maybe this is something I can do for some extra money. The fuzzy scarves are popular these days, despite the fact that the weather is about 70 degrees these days. Maybe I'll give this a littl emore thought.

Yarn Fairy Strikes Again

GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ARE HERE!!!!! I already craked open the Tagalongs and downed at least 5. MMMMMMMMMMM!!! Yeah, I should probably tell of the other people that ordered that they are here. That would be the responsible thing to do. Or I could eat them all...

Well, the packing materials for these cookies was a bit of yarn. There was 4 balls of Lion Brand Fun Fur in Indigo, 2 skeins of Red Heart Symphony in River Blue, 3 skeins of Red Heart Fiesta in Burgandy and 3 skeins of Red Heart Light & Lofty in Pheasant.

Already, I have the fun fur on needles for a furry scarf. Actually, it is looking a bit muppet-like. I love it!


Tuesday, April 5

UPS Sucks

I stayed in all day yesterday waiting for my Girl Scout Cookies to be delivered. They never showed up. I looked online to find out what happened. It says they were attempted yesterday at 2:30. Well, I was here, waiting and no one rang my bell. I HATE THAT!!! I want my cookies. And now I have to go down to UPS to pick them up because they are morons. GRUMBLE!

So, today, I stayed in again and knit and looked for a job and ... man this is redundant. Okay I did go to a book signing this evening for Stitch n Bitch Nation. It was good to see Debbie and a few of the SnBers after my lengthy absence.

Not much else to report. But, if I continue on this path for too much longer, I think I may just go insane.

Monday, April 4

First Day of Unemployment

Well, I spent the day at home. I was supposed to have an interview with a recruiter. But it was postponed until Wednesday. So I trolled the classified ads on-line, sent out resumes and knit my cardigan. I am down to the last sleeve on this puppy. Not bad, considering it is quite a bulky aran sweater and I have ony been working on it for a little more than a week.

One thing I did do over the weekend was post an ad for knitting lessons on craig's list. So far, no takers. Maybe I should include pictures. It was also suggested to me to knit for people for cash. But I really don't know where to find people that would be able to afford a handmade sweater/socks/ponchos/whatever.

I am also still waiting for the Girl Scout cookies that were supposed to be delivered today. But alas, it is 5:30 and no UPS. I would really like to have those cookies.