The World According to Marney

Monday, January 31

The clock is ticking

I am down to 2 weeks of employment. And these will probably be the most insane weeks here. With the dead knoll tolling throughout the office, I wander around with a cart collecting all equipment that no longer has a home. "I'm sorry were you using that phone? I will have to take it from your cold, dead hands." I'm wondering if my last task here will be to clean out my own computer. Oh, I'll probably do that anyway, just because I would hate for all of this stuff to get into the wrong hands.

Forgive my morose attitude today, but it hasn't been a particularly fun day for me. There is just too much darkness around here. And in that, I am also talking about all of the overhead lights that are burning out. Sometimes reality has a way of making the metaphore easier.

Sunday, January 23


Well, we are about past the blizzard alert for this area. In the past 24 hours, I think we have gotten over a foot of snow. BRRRRRRRRRR. I bet Central Park is pretty right now...but this is all I see from my apartment.

So, for part of the day yesterday, I taught myself how to make a granny square. Wanna see?

Not bad considering the only crocheting I have enver done was in conjunction to edging or fixing my knitting. I am pretty proud of myself. I have to give some of the credit to my friend Tammy who explained how to properly do a double crochet. It makes a little more sense now.

Monday, January 17

Knitting Weekend

The cold weather brings with it the need to knit. This weekend was all about just that. Before I started with my CNN encounter last week, I stopped off at Downtown Yarns and picked up 4 skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky for no apparent reason.

Not having a specific purpose, I then tried to plot a use for my 2 skeins of blue and 2 skeins of green. Well, by the end of the weekend, most all of the yarn is gone - or transformed into 1 green newsboy hat (from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation), 2 blue and green footy-slippers (from my calendar patterns) and much of a blue with green, to-be-felted bag (also from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation). Not bad for not having a purpose. But I do need to get another skein of blue to finish the bag.

So in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I am working today. I'm sure, on some level, he would much rather have the masses be working diligently instead of enjoying a three day weekend. So, the rest of us that are putting in the hours today to make sure that the economy gets better are really more patriotic than the people that are at home watching their stories, or getting another day of skiing, or whatever. If I keep telling myself that, I am bound to start believing it. Alright, I am going to get out of here, now. Maybe I can find something else to knit up at home. At least that's one way to stay warm.

Thursday, January 13


Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be in a CNN story about speed dating just before Valentine's Day? Well, lucky me, I get to be a part of such an ironic situation.

Last night, I ventured into the wacky world of speed dating only to see a camera crew hovering. Well, they were doing a story on the founders of this particular group and the rest of us just got to be a part of the background/background story. Talk about adding pressure to an already pressured situation.

So, if you are bored the week before Valentine's Day, flip around on CNN and see if you can spot me, my "score card" (yes, they actually filmed it), and my interview.

Just think, the last time I was on CNN, it was for knitting....

Tuesday, January 11


I ended up leaving work a bit early yesterday and rested for the whole evening. So, now, although I am not quite 100%, I am feeling MUCH better. Hours of watching Roger & Me, working on my fishnets and just relaxing worked wonders for me. Of course, watching the bunny scene in the movie was enough to make me feel queasy all over again. For that matter, there was a lot of the movie that was a bit unsettling. But that is what Michael Moore is all about with his movies.

I am truly enjoying my knitting pattern a day calendar that I got for Christmas from Grandma Dolly. (Thank you, Grandma!!!) Although I haven't started any new project from it, the first week has some cute socks, a great hat and a lovely shawl that may end up on needles before the year is out.

Oh, my friend Tyler is back from Estonia. He has been there for most of the last year teaching English as a foreign language. For anyone that knows him, that may be hard to imagine. But I am meeting up with him tonight to get the low down on all of his adventures. I'm sure it will be VERY colorful and interesting, to say the least.

Monday, January 10

31 Hours

That's how many (out of 48) that I slept this past weekend. And the 17 hours that I was awake, most of my time and energy was focused on laying down, trying to keep food in my system and watching gam show reruns. Not a very productive weekend, at all. well to be honest, I am really wondering how long I will be able to make it through today.

But I did finish the initial bag (sans felting - for that required leaving my apartment) that I had started. Now, when my health returns, I will be able to focus on the fishnets.

I think I need to take a nap now..................

Thursday, January 6


That is all I can muster up to say right now. I just spent the past 2 hours looking for a job to replace this hoop-I-jump-through for a paycheck. Today, there is a big nothing. There are 7 different site that I check daily (not including any company sites I wander onto). I also have a couple of friends that have been farming out my resume within their companies.

So there's that.

I am rather pissed today - literally. As I got to my chair at the office, I smelled something that really could only be some fun odor from my evil felines. I didn't smell it when I left home. And I can't figure out where it is coming from, aside from me. Not my sweater. Not my jeans. Not my hair. I am freshly washed all over - really I am. Just every now and again, I can smell something rather foul. It is making me extremely grumpy. But it gives me good reason to avoid contact with as many people as possible.

On the bright side, I have been indulging in the projects of Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. I have a felted, monogramed, retro shaped bag (green with an "M")and a pair of fishnets (grape) on the needles right now. I am knitting for sanity now. That's all I have to keep me grounded.