The World According to Marney

Tuesday, August 30

Scarf Count - 20

Well, I am officially behind on my scarf count. I had figured out that I had to do about 7 scarves per week to give myself enough time to finish and ship without being too tight on time. And here it is 2 days into the 4th week of scarving and I am still finishing up the last 2 from last week. Maybe I just need to cut out a bit of my social life. Well, it is getting a bit out of control anyway. I think once I get about 25 of them ready, I will send them off to the Girl Scouts. That way they will definitely have enough time to get some of them ready and such.

I have to say, I have gotten a lot of compliments on them as I knit them around town. I was at a focus group last night and while I was waiting (and knitting), two women started talking about my creation. Thus far, the scarves have seen: a) the office, b) the subway/bus, c) commuter train/platforms to the Jersey Shore, d) the beach, under an umbrella with plenty of sun screen for both of us, e) a few different parks in Manhattan - Central, Bryant, f) a few cafes, g) Broadway theatre and h) a movie theatre. Why limit your knitting to the confines of your house, that is my motto. Any suggestions on where I should take to knitting next? Why not? Friends' houses? Restaurants? Museums? While shopping? I'm open to thoughts.

Friday, August 12

Has it really been almost a month?

Man, how time flies. Since last I wrote, many things have happened. I made a trip to the West Coast for a little visit with the family and friends. I have been going out so often that I am wondering if I really need an apartment or just a storage space and a gym membership (for showering and locker/closet purposes). I have taken on the task of knitting 50 scarves for a Girl Scout troupe to sell at a bazaar this fall - 2 down, 48 to go. I have told my WTC survival story to a friend who is planning on doing some writing about the topic.

Well, I'm at work right now, so I don't have the massive amounts of pictures I took at Mt. St. Helens, nor the adorable pictures of my kitties on the verge of a heat stroke (not really but they are not enjoying this summer), nor the scarves that are eked out for the girl scouts. So, you will have to hold on until I actually make it home again. At this rate, it might not be for another month.